Nickelback - Wembley Arena 21st September 2008

So after running the Windsor Half Marathon, a little tired and er, smelly, we head off to Wembley. When we arrive the place is rammed full.

Staind are on stage. Now I know little of them apart from they are from the US and their last cd went in the billboard charts at number 1. The crowd liked them - I didn't. The singer moved very little as he also played geetar. The songs all sounded the same. In fact a woman told her bloke that they were annoying, he said depressive. The other geetar player played only 1 solo which was excellent the rest of the time riffing. Excellent sound,lights and projections for a support act.

Nickelback were touring off the back of a 3 year old cd revitalised by the TV ad for DFS.
Sad but true. In fact their new single is out today but they didn't play it (ed: I heard the single this morning - I hope it's a grower - if not, it might explain why they never played it as it's awful!)

They came onto Animals with enough pyro to stop a small country in it's stride. The sound was loud but clear, the light show was stunning with a back drop of screens showing vids and shapes!

The band are excellent - all the singles were played off the last 3 albums. All were played to perfection. We also got Elton John's Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting (on a Sunday!)

Any downs? Well... yes.

Chad Kroeger is a great front man but he does seem to like the sound of his own voice - it would be nice if he cut down the between song banter once in a while. He is funny & engaging but Chad will you just play some more bloody songs! We also had t-shirts being fired into the crowd with air guns and beer throwing into the crowd to the music of Metallica!! They ended with How You Remind Me and Too Bad - fantastic.
Flame throwers, pyro fire crackers et al. Encores of Rockstar preceded by a chat about you know when you have reached the pinnacle of your career when you are on a sofa ad!!
Then Follow You Home....and then home.

When they played Side of a Bullet you realised that Nickelback don't attract your normal Heavy-Rock crowd. This song was written about the death of Dimebag Darrell from Pantera when he was shot on stage. The song had a video montage of Darrell but I reckon only 10 people knew who he was. I think I was the only one in 12,000 to cheer his name. Sofa ad's obviously rule!!!!
So a score I say 7/10 purely on too much arena shite. Another 3 songs and a little chatting 10/10.A fab live act How they Just need to be Reminded.

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