Europe @ Bloodstock Festival

Despite appearing to be a strange choice of headliner for Bloodstock, Europe went down an absolute storm at the recent Metal festival. We were going to go but it frankly looked too scary for the likes of us, so courtesy of Noble PR and Christie Goodwin, here are some pics from the show.

Greg Moffitt of Metal Hammer magazine said : In the wake of the Cradle of Filth controversy, dark corners of the festival were rife with speculation about the fate which awaited the following evening’s headliners. Would the creators of one of the most annoying/catchy (delete where applicable) rock anthems of all time be driven from the stage like lepers? No chance. Despite the Bloodstock forum being awash with vitriol and stunned disbelief when Europe were announced as the festival’s closing act, their note-perfect, slickly-choreographed show pulls together all ages and tastes for a feel-good finale that smells like total victory. While the naysayers skulked in their tents, the rest of us rocked the night. Back of the net, boys!

All photos in this post are © 2009 Christie Goodwin

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