Mr Big Shepherds Bush Empire 12th September 2009

I've looked forward to this for a while. In fact, as we didn't see them back in the early 90's they're a band I haven't seen (and that doesn't happen a lot!!)  Due to moving into a house and a wedding we couldn't afford to do it then. Now I could go all sentimental and say that Shaz and my first dance at our wedding was to Mr Big's "To Be With You" 17 years ago but enough of that back to the gig.
Due to me fannying around when tickets went on sale we had level 2 unreserved seats. We managed to get in early and get the front row right in the middle. Fab view like watching in your front room and by the end we were not suffering from the usual "Shepherds Bush Neck" from craneing so much to see what was going on.
Support was from Skin - acoustically as it was for Chickenfoot recently .Only Myke(geetar), Nev(vox/geetar)and a keyboard player this time, but the result was the same though. Wow! They played "Colourblind, Take Me Down To The River, Tripping, Which Are The Tears, Look But Don't Touch and Tower of Strength.
Nev's voice is stunning so powerful and they went down so well. The power of the acoustic geetar!!
 So after a 15 year absence(in this guise) and Paul Gilbert(geetar) and Billy Sheehan(bass) now able to be in the same room, the sold out crowd reached fever pitch as they came on. I swear during the chorus of first song (Daddy, Brother, Little Boy) when Eric Martin(vox) let the crowd scream the roof nearly came off!! Wow!!
They always had the fast songs with the emotional ballads as an extra. Luckily tonight we had all the songs. The interplay between Sheehan and Gilbert is some of the best I have ever seen. Sheehan plays the bass as intricately as most guys play the geetar!!Stunning!
Daddy Brother Little Boy(The Drill Song) (with Black and Decker drill solos from both)
Take Cover
Green Tinted Sixties Mind
Alive and Kickin'
Next Time Around
Hold Your Head Up
Just Take My Heart
Medley It's for you/Mars:Bringer Of War/ Drum Solo
Price you Gotta Pay
Wild World
Take A Walk
Geetar Solo/Bass and geetar duel
The Whole World's Gotta Know
Rock And Roll Over
Bass solo
Addicted To That Rush
Encores To Be With You
Colorado Bulldog
The Oooo's Babba O'Riley
and ended with the Talas/Diamond Dave favourite Shyboy. (Making some guy's night after he threw a note up asking for it!!)
Highlights?  All of it really. The sound was great and they are a fabulous band. They looked to be really enjoying it and looked stunned at the fantastic reception given to them. Sheehan and Gilbert are stars. Both so talented and their interplay on so many songs just adds to all of it. Pat Torpey(drums) does his bit and Eric Martin has a great voice and good rapport with the crowd. He also watched from the crowd once as the 2 geetarists went through their repertoire.
Sometimes too many solos can detract from the show. Tonight you forgave them as with the ego's involved it was always going to happen.The start of Addicted To That Rush was magical!!
Roll on October 16 when the cd/dvd of their recent show in Japan is released. So pleased we finally saw them and worth the wait.
All that and Shaz visited the Australian pie shop afterwards to put a seal on a great night.
ME 10/10

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