Threshold Relentless Garage 8th November 2009

So only a week since my first visit to the Garage back for another go. Booked a ticket at 5.15 and walked into the venue at 7.20 to a crowd of 200 max. Four weeks ago it was the Progressive Nation tour,  this one was Essence Of Progression 2009 and for 3 bands only £12.

First up were Pythia from London. Led by Emily Alice on vox and 4 bearded guys in matching blue smocks they played Gothically tinged rock like a heavier version of Within Temptation. In support of their first cd Beneath The Veiled Embrace they played an energetic 30 minute set and went down very well.

Next up were Austrian progressive metal band Serenity. They played a 40 minute set and were excellent. A five piece band led by the very lively Georg Neuhaser on vox who looked overjoyed to be playing in London. Heavy, light,choruses and great playing. Check out Fallen Sanctuary their latest cd now.

This was my first time seeing Threshold. I heard about them about 7 years ago (although they have been together 20) when they released their Critical Mass cd but due to their very limited touring schedule not been able to see them. I have every cd and think they are the most underrated band in the UK. Some success with their last cd Dead Reckoning in 2007 but with Mac(vox) leaving what did the future hold? Now with Damian Wilson(original vocalist) back on vox and in support of their Paradox singles collection a European tour before their next cd.
They were brilliant. Simple as that. I had very high hopes but at one point in the set I remember thinking wow you're good. With a screen backdrop showing a selection of their career in order(and added to the show throughout) they hit the ground running.
The setlist was:
Consume to Live
Fighting For Breath
Stop Dead
Part Of The Chaos
One Degree Down
Critical Mass parts 1-3
Smile At The Moon
Art Of Reason
Long Way Home
Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams
Encore of Mission Profile Paradox not played due to overrunning curfew.

The band played their hearts out to the 200 or so crowd - to them it could have been Wembley Stadium - in fact, for the second half of the show Damian Wilson seemed to spend more time in the crowd that on stage.

Everyone can play. With riffs like Metallica, great choruses, emotive guitar solos and some of the most amazing powerhouse drumming I have ever seen - guys take a bow. That's Karl Groom(lead geetar) Richard West(keys), Johanne James(drums), Steve Anderson(bass), Pete Morten(geetar) and, as I said earlier, Damian Wilson on vox. Truly brilliant.

But guys please - if you are to have 2 support acts get them to play shorter sets. We nearly got no encore and I love Paradox that you didn't play because of the 11pm curfew .Nit picking maybe but you go to see the main act!!
Roll on the next cd and lets hope for more UK dates.

ME 10/10

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