Nickelback - 2-10-2012 - NIA, Birmingham

This was a family first for us with our ten year old son Matthew attending his first gig. Our 13 year old Daniel is a veteran with this being his second Nickelback gig.

First up were Daughtry and judging by the large crowd present they had plenty of fans.

Their 45 minute set showcased 5 from their debut cd and 3 from the new “Break The Spell”cd and showed why they are such a draw in the US.

Here’s what they played:

Outta My Head
Crawling Back to You
Over You
No Surprise
Feels Like Tonight
It's Not Over
There and Back Again

The first couple of songs weren’t helped by the muddy mix but Chris Daughtry’s vocals did shine through.

“Feels Like Tonight” had an extended guitar solo ending and was the highlight of the set.

Let’s hope we get an Academy size venues tour to follow soon!!

Now Nickelback get maligned wherever you look but in a live setting there isn’t many that can touch them.

With a full arena and this setlist with hit after hit how could they go wrong.

This Means War
Something in Your Mouth
Bottoms Up
Far Away
Too Bad
Trying Not to Love You
This Afternoon
When We Stand Together
Drum Solo
Figured You Out
How You Remind Me
Gotta Be Somebody
Burn It to the Ground

They didn’t.

With a crystal clear sound and an enormous light rig and screens from roof to floor they put on a show like no other.

They play to everyone in the arena whether you are in the front or back row.

They hit hard with the opening salvo of “This Means War” and “Something In Your Mouth” with Chad Kroeger in wonderful voice and the sound full.

Backed by Ryan Peake (guitar), Mike Kroeger (bass) and the thunderous Daniel Adair on drums Chad plays the crowd but didn’t over talk like on previous tours which was a blessing.
Also they have cut back and didn’t use any pyro which on the last tour happened on most songs letting the songs come to the fore.

A welcome return to the set was “Too Bad” which had the place jumping and following it up with “Animals” was a no brainer!!

For “Lullaby” Chad had walked off for a new T shirt and had misjudged the walk back and missed the first line, so he apologised after the song saying he owed us a line so started the song again for one line only!!

“How You Remind Me” finished the main set on a high before a 2 song encore of “Gotta Be Somebody” and “Burn It To The Ground” left everyone wanting more.

The detractors may look at the cheesy lyrics but it’s only rock n’ roll and in the live setting they are pretty much untouchable.
I’ll leave the last word to Matthew who thought it was “EPIC”.

Photo's taken by Matthew Evans

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