Chantel McGregor – Leeds Brudenell Club 23 May 2014

It was great to see Chantel McGregor back in West Yorkshire and a good size crowd were present to appreciate her musical talents. Opening up with Caught Out from her brilliant debut CD Like No Other, the togetherness of a band that had been on the road for a while was evident for all to see. Chantel herself shone with a maturity and confidence I’d not seen in previous performances. This carried on throughout the set which included a cover of Voodoo Child and Purple Rain (Prince was playing the Arena on the same night) as well as her own material from the debut CD I’m No Good for You, Happy Song, Like Know Other  and Help Me.
The highlight of the evening was an acoustic version of Bruno Mars Grenade. I just wish the bloke on my left would have shut up sooner. I’d paid my money to listen to the talented singer not his chatter!

As the set came to close and I was beging to think we weren’t going to get Freefalling it appeared as part of the encore so I was a happy man.

On this performance Chantel McGregor is ready to move up to the next level. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait to long for the follow album.

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