Kiske Somerville City Of Heroes

Kiske Somerville City Of Heroes is released on Frontiers on April the 17th in Europe and on the April the 21st in North America.

City Of Heroes is the follow up to their debut cd released back in 2010 and sees Mat Sinner (Primal Fear, Sinner) and Magnus Karlsson (Starbreaker, Primal Fear) handling most of the songwriting (with a song contribution “Breaking Neptune” from Sander Gommans formerly of After Forever and Amanda Somerville herself) and with Sinner overseeing the production in various recording studios in Europe before Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe, Primal Fear, Pretty Maids, Doro etc.) then took care of the mix of the album and what a fine job he has done.Bombastic sums it up!

Sinner contributes bass to the album with Karlsson contributing guitars and keys with drums from Veronika Lukesova.

If you enjoyed the debut I think you will love City Of Heroes.Sinner and Karlsson know how to pen a tune and if symphonic melodic metal with huge choruses from two of rocks finest vocalists and big riffs and plenty of guitar solo's and huge drums is your thing well this is your dream album.

Michael Kiske and Amanda Somerville are two very talented vocalists who styles merge together perfectly and they both swoop and soar all over this with lots of melody and with most of the choruses being so catchy will have you singing along in no time at all.

The title track gets it all off to a fast start with a big jabbing Karlsson riff along with the first of many pounding drum rhythm's from Lukesova which leads into a big chorus. Love the way the second verse starts with Karlsson riffing away with the drums stopping and starting all with Michael showing off his range with his melodic tone evident.Karlsson as always impresses with his guitar solo which isn't all about flashy playing but shows his melodic style off perfectly.

Walk On Water has a soft keys intro before the drums crash in and Karlsson plays a wonderful melodic guitar melody that fits in with the keys that gives the song depth.The song has a slower pace and some light and shade and a Celtic feel to the chorus that Amanda takes the lead on but Michael finishes with lengthy note before he sings the next verse start.Karlsson takes the pace down a little at the start of his solo before he builds it up as the chorus comes back in.Very very catchy.

Rising Up has a symphonic keys start before a jabbing keys riff that moulds in with Karlsson's guitar riff.The pace fairly rattles along on a classic heavy rock song.

Salvation sees a keys riff prominent before the song slows to a lone Michael vocal before the song has a squealing guitar riff.The songs ebbs and flows with light and shade parts with both Michael and Amanda on solo parts before Karlsson shines with his guitar solo.

Lights Out starts with pounding drums matched with Karlsson's guitar melody line prominent.Before the verse that has Amanda's vocal with a quieter interlude before the guitar kicks in with Michael's vocal.A huge multi layered chorus that demands audience participation leads into the second verse that sees the singers vocal lines match the previous but round the other way.Great Karlsson guitar solo before the outro again matches the start!!

Breaking Neptune has a big guitar riff intro before Michael's vocal leads a quieter interlude that breaks into a stop start riff under the big chorus.The dynamics of the song are fantastic and show the production and mix to it's full potential.

Ocean Of Tears is an atmospheric slower song with a breathless Amanda vocal before Michael shows off his full range and all with an orchestral backing that should be played live with lights picking out the dry ice!!2 minutes and 45 minutes before the drums crash in and then Karlsson's just so picked lengthy guitar solo.Superb.

Open Your Eyes has another superb Karlsson guitar melody before Veronika's double bass drives the song along with guitar riff and keys entwined and a big melodic chorus.

Last Goodbye has a stop start guitar riff at it's core and the chorus vocal melody line is in tune with the guitar melody  from Karlsson which also continues into the outro.

After The Night Is Over sees an acoustic picked guitar riff under Amanda's and then Micheal vocal melody.Builds into a big chorus with keys adding real depth to the orchestration.

Run With A Dream again sees the pace increase with a Karlsson guitar melody line and Veronika again impressing with her drum rhythm that drives the song onto a huge chorus.

Right Now finishes the album in style with a bouncy key and guitar riff and then some light and shade before the guitar riff kicks in and all leading to a quite poppy chorus.The guitar solo has a little riff behind it so you can pick it out all the notes with the mix again shining through.

For me a better album than the debut in every department and a real pleasure to listen to 2 voices that work together so well with exemplary playing and a mix too match.

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