Tyketto Islington Academy 12-3-19

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After an energetic 40 minute set from Kane'd who have 3 lead singers in sisters Steph,Stacey and Chez Kane.The girls voices blend superbly with melodic prowess but it for me doesn't quite sit right with the thrash metal look of the rest of the band with lots of squealing guitar solo's.Will re visit them I'm sure and who knows next time.

As band's grow older anniversaries of album's come along regularly and 2019 sees the 25th anniversary of their second album Strength In Numbers and after a facebook comment here we are with a UK tour with the album being played in full.Also as Danny Vaughn tells us the whole tour is being recorded for a new live album too.Thanks Tyketto.

For 90 minutes they played the following set list.
Inherit The Wind
Meet Me In The Night
All Over Me
Catch My Fall
The End Of The Summer Days
Wait Forever
Wings (2019 version with Kane'd as backing singers)
Ain't That Love
Write Your Name In The Sky
Why Do You Cry?
Rescue Me 
Strength In Numbers
Forever Young
Encores of The Last Sunset
Standing Alone

How to play it of course.Front to back,back to front or tonight back to front sort of with a few nuggets thrown in to.

Danny Vaughn is one of the world's great vocalist's and time for him is no challenge as he totally nails it with a staggering vocal performance full of melodic intent.

The rest of the band Ged Rylands on keys and superb backing vocals,Greg Smith on bass and backing vocals,Michael Clayton Arbeeny on drums and backing vocals and the superb Chris Green on guitar all play their part too.

Chris Green always has half an ear on the original version with the occasional extra add lib and solo thrown in and he shows great restrain at times keeping the solo's close to what we all know.

Inherit The Wind sees Chris embellish the outro with an extra solo I look forward to hearing on the live album.Meet Me In The Night has Michael Clayton drum rhythm at it's heart with Greg's bass a deep rumble and what a player too.

Catch My Fall has a stunning Danny vocal and End Of The Summer Days is sung back by the crowd with gusto.

Wait Forever had never been played before this tour.The B side of the End Of The Summer Days single and it's a balls out rocker with Chris Green all over it and please remember Danny it was also on the Take Out And Served Up album too.

Wings is played with the Kane girls backing and in the same format as played in the one off date in Wales last year that was recorded for the We've Got Tomorrow We've Got Tonight dvd/cd due out shortly.

Write Your Name In The Sky again sees a vocal from Danny that is superb and Rescue Me and Strength In Numbers end the album in style before Forever Young has us all feeling that way and the crowd singing reaches it's peak.

3 encores with a move to the future on Reach before Danny sings Standing Alone like it's the first time with such emotion and showing few can match him.

Tyketto go from strength to strength and show they do and their thankful crowd do have Strength In Numbers.



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