Robert Jon & The Wreck Last Light On The Highway cd review.

Robert Jon & The Wreck are back with Last Light on the Highway their new album, recorded all across the United States and Australia, and self-produced by Robert Jon & The Wreck and will be released on Friday 8th May 2020

I will be honest and say this is one band that had passed me by and that is my loss with this their third album and the band formed in 2011.

11 tracks of country tinged Southern rock with opener Oh Miss Carolina a very welcome distraction to all the sadness that exist's in the current world crisis.

Laid back blues to the point of vertical with wonderful vocals from Robert Jon Burrison aided with superb piano and then backing vocals on the chorus with Lynyrd Skynyrd an obvious reference and when the searing guitar solo from Henry James kicks in you have to smile.
Just over 4 minutes of joy that needs repeat listening to pick apart it's majesty.

Work It Out is a soulful with horns added to the mix and Burrison again starring with his vocal bluesy melodic tone on a song that you can imagine being played in smoky blues club back in the 70's.

Can't Stand It sees some steel guitar and more wonderful backing vocals alongside Burrison's vocal melody and love the add lib ending with more of everything thrown into the mix.

Tired Of Drinking Alone is a ballad with heartfelt lyrics and a message to all with James's guitar add libs taking it to the next level.

Do You Remember sees twin guitar solo's and the guitar riff a bit higher in the mix and again love the guitar soloing under and above the chorus in the outro that you could see extending in the live arena.

This Time Around sees Burrison promising to be better this time around with the Hammond underpinning it all before Don't Let Me Go hits us with the heaviest guitar riff on the album in a  very Southern feel and a huge gang style chorus and then James showing off his slide guitar prowess.

One Last Time is so laid back it barely breaks a sweat and Gold is a piano lead ballad with held notes in the chorus.

Closing the cd in style with the title track in 2 parts the first is unplugged before part 2 is a musical smorgasbord with band interplay and guitar solo's and an epic feel that again I am sure will be extended when they return to the live setting.

The whole world has changed but music carries the flag forwards and Robert Jon And The Wreck have produced an album that begs 2020 to be remembered for something else.


Robert Jon & The Wreck’s new album “Last Light on the Highway is available from from Friday May 8th.

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