The Commoners Restless Album Review


The Commoners release their highly anticipated new album Restless on Friday 5th of July on Gypsy Soul Records.

Following their critically acclaimed 2022 sophomore album Find A Better Way, the Canadian Roots-Rock quintet continue their dedicated musical journey to provide listeners with a hearty dose of Southern-style swagger accentuated with slide guitar, organ swell, and heartfelt vocals showing their influences that include The Black Crowes, Derek Trucks, Marcus King and The Allman Brothers.

The band comprise of Chris Medhurst – Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar,Ross Hayes Citrullo – Lead Guitar,Ben Spiller – Bass, Vocals, Piano (Who Are You, Gone Without Warning),Adam Cannon – Drums, Percussion, Vocals,Miles Evans-Branagh – Organ, Rhodes, Piano (See You Again, Restless, Too Soon To Know You) and Chantal Williams, Nicki Lawrence, Sandra Bouza – Backing Vocals.

Recorded at RHC Music in Toronto the 10 tracks enclosed showcase the development of the band on the road and straight out of the traps into Devil Teasin' Me with it's huge guitar riff and stop start Hammond back up in the chorus leads to a huge chorus with backing vocals to match. A live favourite without doubt.

Shake You Off starts on a Crowes guitar riff and fast driving drum rhythm and its's rock n'roll all the way to the chorus and beyond and the first of Ross's guitar solo's that show he is a master of his instrument.

The Way I Am slows the pace with a big chorus and more fast paced soloing from Ross mid song and also in the outro from alongside Chris's impassioned vocal.

The title track Restless shows off more of Chris's vocal range with held notes in the slower pace acoustic number and Ross' excels with slide guitar under the chorus with backing vocals in the mix too.

Gone Without Warning turns the pace up again in the chorus with plenty of piano hammering alongside the drum rhythm and big guitar riff. Brilliant guitar solo from Ross .The outro has Chris's vocal fighting to be heard above the backing vocals all while Rodd solo's too. Wow.

Who Are You has a bluesy stop start guitar riff and the great production shines though with the bass holding it all together.

Body And Soul sees the pace down again with Ross's slide guitar add libs in the verse prominent alongside Chris's vocal that again impresses with it's depth tone and melody. I can imagine this song breaking out of it's recorded form in the live setting with plenty of space to breath. Ross's guitar solo is on point starting with slower picked notes before a fast section before an all out band work out and then back to a whisper. Fantastic.

See You Again is an acoustic number with Chris's vocal melody superb and some beautiful piano playing adding to the mix and backing vocals on point too.

Too Soon To Know You is a mid paced number with plenty of backing vocal add libs and Chris digging deep vocally and all building to a big chorus with us all howling at the moon.

All That We Have ends the album with a superb pure acoustic number with emotional vocals and telling the tale like only acoustic vocal numbers can. You can see the phone lights being held up at the gigs already.

The Commoners with Reckless have set the bar high and the live shows in the UK in July are a must see.

Photo Credit: © Will Carter

The Commoners new album “Restless” is released July 5th by Gypsy Soul Records. The album is available from  The band tour the UK from July 19th – 28th.  *Special Guest: Madison Galloway.




July 19th - *The Grace, London

July 20th - Maid of Stone Festival

July 21st - *Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes

July 23rd - *KK's Steel Mill, Wolverhampton

July 24th - *Arlington Arts Centre, Reading

July 25th - *Night & Day Cafe, Manchester

July 26th - *The Caves, Edinburgh

July 27th - *Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds

July 28th - Steelhouse Festival

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