Meat Loaf – Pearl - Sheffield Arena – 11 December 2010

The man must be a legend even my mother and father know who he is!!!

Now I can't say I’m the biggest Meat Loaf fan to be honest Mrs. H talked me in to buying the tickets and by the end of the evening I was pleased she had.
The show was opened by an acoustic set from Pearl which went down well with the Sheffield crowd. A great singer and I’ll certainly be watching to see if there are anymore UK dates in the future.
Now onto the mighty Meat Loaf, who stated his set with Hot Patootie from Rocky Horror, then into Break It. The sound was very clear and Meats voice strong. No holding the hits back either on this tours because third song in was a great rendition of Bat out of Hell. After this we had some songs from the new Hang Cool CD (Peace on Earth, Living on the Outside and Los Angeloser) which I really enjoyed. Throughout Meat Loaf was backed by a super band of musicians and singer Patti Russo, who was excellent all night. The hits just kept coming after this, building to the highlight of Paradise by the Dashboard Light which was brilliantly interprated by Mr. Loaf and Ms. Russo. After this we had All Reved Up which included the solo from Freebird. The evening was topped of by an encore of Deadringer for Love. The show had it all including penis shaped cannons firing into the audience. (you had to be there). So a big thank you to Mrs. H for talking me into going to see this living legend. A great night out.


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