Danny Vaughn Camden Underworld 4 December 2010

First up in front of only a handful was King Lizard. In support of their debut cd "Viva La Decadence"I have to say I wasn't overly impressed. Screechy vocals and way too much posing for band who want to be Motley Crue!!
Thank god for Danny Vaughn.
His tour was called "Inspirations and Aspirations"and was an evening of him showing who he aspired to and was inspired by as a young man.
A very eclectic mix of songs from others,a song from his early days,songs from his recently rereleased "Reprise"set that consists of his "Soldiers And Sailors on Riverside"and "Fearless"cd's(available from Steve(who I chatted to before the show) at http://www.hardrockhouse.com/) and yes 1 big Tyketto song but more of that later. Very ably backed by his compatriots in (The Ultimate Eagles)Christian Phillips on geetar,Ryan Aston on drums and Chris Childs on bass who was also a member of Thunder and also Jon Pease on keys.
This is what they played over an hour and 45 minutes.
Footstompin' 'Music by Grand Funk Railroad
Bad Water
Daddy Brother Lover Little Boy by Mr.BiG
Is That All There Is
Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles
You Haven't Done Nothing by Stevie Wonder
Black And Blue from his Waysted days.
Behind Blue Eyes by The Who
Gallows Pole by Led Zeppelin
Carry Me Home
Train,Train by Blackfoot
Don't Talk To Strangers by Dio
The Voice
Encores of
Forever Young
The Rocker by Thin Lizzy.
Honestly wow.
In front of now a large crowd we were treated to a masterclass from a man who on the night was suffering from a heavy cold but you would never have known. The Vaughn roar was incredible. To see at close quarters over the last 4 days Danny and Steve Overland well we were so lucky.
All the songs worked. The band were brilliant. Chris Childs bass work during the Stevie Wonder song was incredible. I could go on for days how the man should be a global superstar but to us he is. Finishing with the 1-2 of "Forever Young"and "The Rocker"we all left with enormous grins on our faces. Tyketto's "Forever Young"was sang word perfect by all the crowd and as Danny said thank god he took his head out of his arse and started playing it again. In my top ten songs of all time. We should have a new Tyketto cd next year and hopefully more shows of this calibre.


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