The Answer Thekla Bristol 26-10-13

Rockgig have already reviewed the Leeds gig recently but here is another view from down south.

First up was a new UK 4 piece band called CAGE THE GODS who have an ep out called " Favourite Sin ".
They were very good with a classic rock sound with huge riffs and choruses and with songs as strong as " Bruce Willis","Promises " and " Sacrifice " a very promising future awaits.

TRACER need no introduction after 2011's stand out " Spaces In Between "cd and tour and the sold out crowd rapidly filled the boat as stage time approached.

I'll be honest and say that new cd "El Pistolero " doesn't quite hit the mark for me in comparison to the previous cd but as a live act they are immense.

The 1 - 2 start of "Hangman "and "Too Much " smash us over the head all riffs, pounding drums and choruses.

Led from the front by guitarist/vocalist Michael Brown and with a pounding rhythm section of Dre Wise on drums and new bass player Jett Heysen -Higgs the newer songs hit hard with fewer guitar solos this time round. The riff is king but some of the songs do miss a solo as the songs dip in the middle before starting up again.

Finishing with the classic "Devil Ride" leaves the crowd baying for more and I'm sure that  it will be Tracer headlining on their next tour due next year.

THE ANSWER proved at this show that they are here for the long haul. With excellent new cd "New Horizon " under their belts and a 40 date European tour lined up their 80 minute set with a superb mix of old and new that had everyone present witnessing a special live act.

Here is what they played.

New Horizon
Burn You Down
Too Far Gone
Speak Now
Under The Sky
Nowhere Freeway
On And On
Memphis Water
Waste Your Tears
Encores of Comfort Zone

I've seen The Answer on every tour and they continue to grow at every opportunity.

 I wish some critics would get off their backs. First it was jealous tongues as they got on the enormous AC/DC Black Ice tour then the difficult 3rd cd and now the difficult and last (!)4th cd.

The new cd relies on riffs with fewer solo's although all 5 songs played tonight from the new cd had solo's. Paul Mahon is a superb fluent guitarist who is happy to play foil to the manic intensity of Cormac Neeson. He is a wonderful frontman who loves interacting with the crowd at every opportunity and whose voice improves with time.

Rhythm section James Heatley on drums and Micky Waters on bass are the rock the band are built on. Well done to the sound engineer on the night who had the sound spot on with Micky's superb bass work a joy to hear. 

The new songs all have killer riffs, huge singalong choruses and great to see " Burn You Down " added to set. A song destined to be played on radio stations world wide and on car cd's with the windows down.

" Concrete " was quite brilliant. It started with drums,then the bass was added before the guitar kicked in. The extended middle section with the huge riff and rhythm section pounding away was like being hit by a bulldozer. So intense but very cool in the live setting and also a little different from the band showing how they are developing with a hint to the future.

Cormac led us through singalongs to their older classic songs with "Under The Sky " being bellowed by everyone present. "Nowhere Freeway " was again started with a simple electric guitar riff and Cormac's passioned vocals to a song that is really developing into a stand out moment.

A blusey romp through " Memphis Water " and an extended " Waste Your Tears " gave Paul a chance to shine with some extra solo's brought the set to a close.

A few seconds later they were back on for " Comfort Zone " and the quite brilliant "Preachin' " finished the evening off on a high. 

This song shows off Cormac at his best. Great vocals and stage presence that ended with him and Paul in the crowd. Bouncing around with everyone and then getting us all to kneel for him which most people did. Certainly not something I have ever seen before in 30 years of gigs.

A superb 3 band bill for £14 showed true value on a Saturday night. 

All 3 bands showed their class at different stages of their career and I for one look forward to seeing all of them go on to bigger and better things.

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