Voodoo Six / Sacred Mother Tongue Camden Underworld 28-10-13

Due to the joys of the London traffic I missed the first act Motherload and the first couple of songs from Sacred Mother Tongue who were playing their final UK gig after their recent announcement that they are to split up.

A small but noisy crowd were giving them a good send off. Double bass drum, metal riffs and vocals although after a while it does all sound a little similar.

Guitarist Andy James is superb. Riffing like a maniac and his fast finger solo's are excellent and I'm sure he will be back in another band soon.

"A Light Will Shine " from last years " Out Of The Darkness " cd showed the promise the band had but I suppose only 2 albums in 9 years tells a tale.

Ending with fan favourite "Evolve/Become" and another UK act is gone.

Voodoo Six are back on the road after their supporting role on Iron Maiden's European tour playing stadium's, arenas and festivals. Playing on huge stages their songs all managed to come across superbly but I was looking forward to a small club and being beaten around the head with their stomping riffs.

They didn't disappoint as for 65 minutes the band showed a quality that few bands can match.

Here is what they played

Falling Knives
Sink Or Swim
Take The Blame
Take Aim
Your Way
Lead Me On
Something For You
Waiting In Line
All That Glitters
Long Way From Home
Encore of Sharp Sand

The band exploded onto the stage with 3 songs from the new fabulously titled " Songs To Invade Countries To " all showing off the depth of songwriting and playing that the band have by the bucketload. 

Singer Luke Purdie has a mighty roar of a voice and he led the crowd who sang along to every word. He stomps about as the band put up a wall of guitars,bass and drums.

Tony Newton on bass has plenty of foot on the monitor moments and looks out into the eyes of as many punters as he can. Joe Lazurus on drums puts in a hell of a shift at the back on a tiny kit that sounds huge.

Guitarists Chris Jones and Matt Pearce have it all. Riffs that can knock over a wall and both able to solo to amazing levels. Chris is the more flash soloist but Matt is the heart of the band. A real soulful player who adds a rich texture to songs with some tasteful playing with a quite melodic tone and melody when needed.

Tonight had 8 songs from the new cd all showing the qualities the band are developing. Riffs aplenty and songs that show a light and shade where required and all songs build and fall and if another solo is needed then why not put another in.

The stop start riff of "Stop ", the groove of "Falling Knives ", the driving riff of " Sink Or Swim " , and "Your Way "'s acoustic start before the song builds into a colossal stop/start riff with some superb soloing over Luke's passioned vocal to the end of the song .

From previous cd " Fluke " we had " Take The Blame " and "Take Aim " showing off their qualities before the set closer " Long Way From Home " ended it on a high with some excellent soloing from Chris and Matt again at the end of the song.

Coming back for an encore of " Sharp Sand " with its excellent melodic slower middle section and superb soloing brought the evening to a close.

Voodoo Six are the future of the British rock scene and I for one can't wait to see what they can produce over the next decade and more. 

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