Avantasia London Forum 08-03-16

Arriving at The Forum the queue snaked way round the block and on entering the building the sold out crowd were buzzing in anticipation for Avantasia's first indoor UK show.

As promised a 3 hour show with 7 from superb new cd Ghostlights and many fan favourites from throughout their career.

Here is what the played.

Also Sprach Zarathustra(Theme from 2001 A Space Odyssey)
Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose
Ghostlights (with Michael Kiske)
Invoke The Machine(with Ronnie Atkins)
Unchain The Light(Ronnie Atkins and Michael Kiske)
A Restless Heart And Obsidian Sky(With Bob Catley)
The Great Mystery(with Bob Catley)
The Scarecrow(with Jorn Lande)
Lucifer(with Jorn Lande)
The Watchmaker's Dream(with Oliver Hartmann)
What's Left Of Me(with Eric Martin)
The Wicked Symphony((with Oliver Hartmann, Jørn Lande, Amanda Somerville, Herbie Langhans, Michael Kiske; without Sammet
Draconian Love(with Herbie Langhans)
Farewell(with Amanda Somerville and Michael Kiske)
Stargazers (with Michael Kiske, Jørn Lande, Ronnie Atkins, Oliver Hartmann, without Tobias Sammet)
Shelter From The Rain(with Michael Kiske and Bob Catley)
The Story Ain't Over(with Bob Catley)
Let The Storm Descend Upon You(with Jorn Lande and Ronnie Atkins)
Promised Land(with Jorn Lande)
Reach Out For The Light(with Michael Kiske)
Avantasia(with Michael Kiske)
Twisted Mind(with Eric Martin and Ronnie Atkins without Tobias Sammet)
Dying For An Angel(with Eric Martin)

Encores of Lost In Space(with Amanda Somerville)
Sign Of The Cross/The Seven Angels(with everyone on stage)

With a huge backdrop and light show and a superb sound which considering all the vocalist's I thought the sound man did an amazing job.

Mainman Tobias Sammet also of Edguy not only writes some fantastic music he has created a touring rock opera with a cast many bands can only dream of.

On this tour the vocalists including himself were as follows

Michael Kiske (Helloween,Unisonic)
Eric Martin(Mr Big)
Bob Catley(Magnum)
Ronnie Atkins(Pretty Maids)
Jorn Lande
Amanda Somerville
Herbie Langhans
Oliver Hartmann

Each brings so much to the table and their voices worked in unison so amazingly well.No ego issues either with all doing their bit and leaving the stage for the next singer.

Huge kudo's to the amazing band too for laying down a power metal assault but also bringing it down when they can too.

Guitarist's Sascha Paeth and Oliver Hartmann are superb.They both riff and both solo singularly or in tandem like a dream showing melodic qualities and the ability to shred if required.
The rest of the band are no slouches either with a big shout out for Felix Boehne on drums.Love the way as the show went past 2 hours the songs got faster and he showed such power,dexterity and stamina too!!

From the word go the crowd was off the scale with the feel of a football match.When each vocalist made their first appearance the roar from the crowd shook the building and as Kiske came out for the first time the noise made the hair on the back of my neck stand tall.He looked a little taken back by it too.

All of the new songs came across so well with the 12 minute epic Let The Storm Descend Upon You with Jorn Lande and Ronnie Atkins just fantastic.

Considering the album has only been out 5 weeks the crowd knew every word and like the crowd on Rush's Rock in Rio dvd we also had riffs being sang too.One of the most fantastic crowds in over 35 years of gig going.

Sammet is an excellent ringmaster and his between song banter with the crowd was very good and he again seemed genuinely stunned at the reception from the UK crowd and promised to return.

The 3 hours went past in a flash and highlights are difficult to pick as the pace by band or crowd never dropped once and if you missed this one make sure you go when they return.

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