Trivium Oxford Academy 25-03-16

First up was As Lions who played a 30 minute set of heavy riffing in your face modern rock with some excellent vocals from Austin Dickinson son of Bruce.Rest of the band are a little faceless but it will be interesting to hear their debut cd due later this year and they went down well with the sell out crowd.

Heart As A Coward are everything I hate about the modern music scene.Growling vocals with not a trace of melody and down tuned riffing with the band just stood headbanging.
The crowd enjoyed them I didn't.

Trivium had the crowd eating out of their hands from the word go and they didn't disappoint.
Playing a 95 minute set of tracks from throughout their now 7 album career.
Here is what they played.

Silence In The Snow
Into The Mouth Of Hell We March
Blind Leading The Blind
Anthem (We Are The Fire)
Through Blood And Dirt And Bone
Like Light To The Flies
Dying In Your Arms
Dead And Gone
Kirisute Gomen
Down From The Sky
Until The World Goes Cold
Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr
Encore  In Waves.

New song Silence In The Snow is a great opener.I have always preferred Matt Heafy's melodic singing voice rather than on the earlier material when he just growled so straight off the bat with a winner.The huge crowd are on it from the word go with a huge pit and horns raised to the sky and manage to keep it up for the entire set.

Great sound for once at the venue with Corey Beaulieu and Matt's razor sharp riffing audible and both can solo with style and no little melodic stylings.
Paolo Gregoletto bass rumbles and the seemingly revolving drum seat has another new occupant.Paul Wandtke had learnt 30 songs in a short time but you would never have known as his double bass assault and many fills was exemplary.

Vengeance Falls Strife is greeted like a long lost friend with the crowd screaming every word and the band are loving every minute with huge grins on every face.

The response for Strife was huge but blown out of the water as the band start Anthem as another huge pit started and everyone bellowed the chorus as the temperature continued to rise.

Classics Like Light To The Flies fitted in superbly alongside newie Dying In Your Arms showing the band have a huge catalogue and how they have developed since the first time I saw them support Iron Maiden now 10 years ago.

Similarly newie Until The World Goes Cold sat comfortably alongside Pull Harder as the set closer with the crowd going nuts.

In Waves had a mass sing along and the band left to a deserved huge ovation.

Trivium deserve some credit that on this tour they are playing smaller venues in towns they do not normally visit and getting to the masses who with sell out notices across the country have responded accordingly.

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