Bernie Torme - Sheffield Corporation 10 September

My first visit to Sheffield Corporation and the “local authority” area – it seems a great venue for gigs.
Tonight’s show featured three local support bands. Unfortunately I missed the first band but I caught a good set from Soul Shredder. Next up were Coyote Bad Seed their songs were instantly engaging with front man singer/guitarist Joe Elsey connecting with the crowd. I will keep my eyes open to see if they playing near me in the future.

Some songs just cry out to be set openers and Wild West is certainly one of them. The song just gives Bernie Torme a great opportunity to set his stall out and warm you up to some of the guitar heroics that are to feature in the following set. Next up we had a song from his GMT days, the catchy Bullet the Brain, before the more recent Blood Run Cold. A mention must also be made of the backline of Chris Heilmann and Ian Harris who throughout the night set up the perfect back drop for Bernie to front.
We went right back to Turn Out the Lights for the next track, before a couple of songs, Flow and Pain Song, from Bernie’s most recent CD Blackheart. The classic Star went down a storm before Dirt again from the Blackheart CD. Some classic Gillan next in the shape of No Easy Way next before Stoneship.
The set then featured a couple of tracks from the GMT days, before Trouble and New Orleans closed the show.

Of course the band had to return for an encore and we were treated to great version of Smoke on the Water.
The sound this evening was great, though I’m wasn’t so sure about the strange lighting effects.
This was the last Bernie Torme show of 2016, but here is hoping for the opportunity to see him, Chris and Ian in 2017.


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