Glenn Hughes Resonate cd review

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Glenn Hughes releases his new album Resonate through Frontiers Records Srl on the 4th of November and from the moment you hit play his first solo record in 8 years is a total success.

11 tracks 52 minutes of classic bombastic heavy rock all killer no filler with Hughes trade mark vocals all over it and a real Deep Purple feel to it maybe in line with last year's entrance into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

The cd features his live solo band members, Soren Andersen (guitars and co-producer), Pontus Engborg (drums) and newcomer to his band, Lachy Doley (keyboards), in addition to long-time friend and drummer, Chad Smith (of Red Hot Chili Peppers), who joined them in the studio for the opening and closing numbers.

Opener Heavy does exactly that with a swaggering strut and Chad Smith puts in a right shift alongside the stop start guitar riff as it build to the chorus when Glenn opens the pipes and shows the years have not dulled The Voice Of Rock as he gets his foot down in his Chevy.
A perfect statement of intent that I am sure will open the upcoming live shows.

My Town is wonderful with a stomp of a song which has Glenn's thumping bass at it's core with some of my beloved light and shade just before the first chorus so that when the riff and drums come crashing back in it kicks even harder as Glenn does some vocal gymnastics throughout the chorus.Love the second half as the song rumbles on with Glenn all over it alongside some Soren Anderson extra guitar soloing.Will be a live highlight for sure and very difficult not just to press play again.

Photo Credit: © Stuart Westwood

Flow sees a slight drop in pace with a sludge heavy guitar riff and drum rhythm before a huge hook melodic laden chorus with some depth added by Doley's keyboards.Love the fact mid song they take it down with an acoustic strum and vocal passage before the lumbering riff returns with Anderson's guitar solo fitting oh so well.

Let It Shine sees Glenn at his imperious melodic best alongside the big guitar riff that swaps with the Hammond organ on every other line of the verse of Doley.Huge held note chorus.

Photo Credit: © Steve Johnston

Steady has a Hammond intro from Doley before the drums come crashing in and a real Purple feel to the song in the vocal and the songs structure with the Hammond high in the mix.The song dips into the chorus with a slight drop in pace giving Glenn a chance to show us his quality before the riff kicks in again for the next verse.

God Of Money moves from another big riff that dips in the verse but appears again for the pre chorus and a big big chorus with Glenn again holding notes for maximum effect.

How Long is a 6 minute tour de force that rattles along at pace with Hammond stabs and Pontus Egborg driving the band to even greater heights.
Big chorus with the main riff working hard to be heard above Glenn's vocal and you forget what a bass player he is well on this track under the Hammond solo you can hear him in all his glory.Another sure fire live winner.

When I Fall sees Glenns soulful side to the fore that sees acoustic strumming and Hammond splashes painting the musical landscape and Glenn restrained but totally in control on a song which comes as a break to the heavy riffing.The band can have some real fun on this in the live setting with Doley's Hammond solo a highlight.

Landmines is the funky number for the cd with more electric strumming and Glenn accentuating his vocal lines and another string to Resonate's bow.

Stumble And Go returns us to rock with a stop start guitar riff and Anderson excels mid song on a wah wah infused solo.

Long Time Gone starts on an acoustic guitar strum and Glenn's impassioned vocal before the band build in with Chad Smith's recognisable thump back in the drum seat on a pacy driving rocker.A superb melodic chorus and a mid song funky guitar riff kicks in alongside Doley's Hammond and Chad's drum gymnastics.As the song outro kicks in Glenn again opens his pipes to their fullest.

Resonate sees Glenn Hughes return to his solo work and produce his best cd in many a year on an album that has all of his trade mark qualities on it and will be in many best of 2016 list's for sure.

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