Dan Patlansky Perfection Kills cd review

South African singer-songwriter and guitarist, Dan Patlansky, is set to the release his new studio album Perfection Kills in the UK on Friday 2nd February 2018. The album is the follow up to 2016’s critically acclaimed “Introvertigo” which was voted #1 BluesRock Album 2016 by Blues Rock Review.

With Dan self producing on this record he has really managed to capture the live feel that he has always wanted with his regular band Clint Falconer on bass,Andy Maritz on drums and Dean Barrett on keyboards all beautifully audible and a perfect back up to Dan's guitar wizardry.

I would go as far to say that this could be the most melodic album Dan has ever produced with an equal number of bluesy slower numbers but still backed up that now trade mark near feed back howl on the rockier numbers still in tact.

Johnny lulls you in with a short electric acoustic intro before the band and Dan crash in with a huge riff and just listen to that bottom end with Clint's bass line wrecking walls.The verse sees a jangling electric stop start guitar riff before a great chorus backed up by a bobbing bass line and Dean's keyboard depth.The mid song guitar solo breaks out of the main guitar riff and has Dan hanging onto every note with Dan showing his amazing technique off it's full capability.

Never Long Enough starts on a lonely keyboard refrain before Dan add libs leading into the first verse again with no real guitar riff to talk off with it more being about textures.Great catchy chorus that could even pick up some airplay and the mid song sees an extended Dan guitar solo with it not being about how the notes are played but how they are played.

Mayday is even more melodic with an insistent vocal melody repeated with Dan then adding some beautiful guitar solo add libs and the mid song guitar solo is picked as the band drop to a whisper before it all builds up to a crescendo and back to the chorus on repeat.You can imagine the band having some fun with this song in the live setting.

Too Far Gone has one of those guitar riffs that Dan specialises in and a real tribal feel to the bass and drums in the intro all building up to the chorus where Dan's earthy tone is set perfectly.A real groove to the rhythm through out the song and Hammond organ thrown into the mix too.

Judge A Man has a smoky bar feel with a slow bluesy drawl with Dan's guitar add libs working well alongside his vocal melody and the keyboard backing.Dan's vocal shows he has 2 world class instrument's and the mid song guitar solo is to die for.

Junket Man starts on a big guitar riff and then into a funky little number in the verse that changes completely in the chorus as the bigger riff kicks back in again.In a change the guitar solo dips in and out of a band workout that i am sure will work well in the live setting.

Eyes sees a different drum rhythm from Andy with a double snare track all the way through the song before Shake The Cage takes us back to the smoky club with Clint's bass keeping time and Dan adding guitar melodies where appropriate.Beautiful.

My Dear Boy is a song for his new son Jack and is a superb melodic number with a great chorus and again more chance for airplay.I love the how the main guitar riff isn't one riff but a lengthy selection of notes that must be amazing to watch being played.

Dog Day finishes the album in style all big guitar riff and groove and big chorus and a stunning guitar solo too.

Perfection Kills sees Dan Patlansky adding to career resume that few can match.


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