Bad Touch release brand new album 'Shake A Leg' on Oct 5

New Album "Shake A Leg"
Released Friday 5th October 2018
Featuring The Single "Skyman"

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"Shake A Leg" UK Tour 2018

With Special Guests
Aaron Buchanan and the Cult Classics + Daxx & Roxane


Photo Credit: © Rob Blackham
Bad Touch are pleased to announce the release of their new studio album “Shake A Leg” released worldwide on Friday 5th October 2018. To celebrate the occasion, the band have signed a worldwide album deal with Marshall Records, and will release their new single “Skyman” on Friday 10th August. The new album will be released on CD, gold vinyl and digital download.

The new “Skyman” single will be available to buy as a digital download. The single will also be available as an instant grat track with all pre-orders of the new album. “Shake A Leg” will be supported by a nationwide 18-date UK headline tour starting at Newcastle University Union on Wednesday 17th October.
Their highly anticipated third album “Shake A Leg” was recorded in Bad Touch’s home county of Norfolk at Orange Tree Studios. Engineered, produced and mixed by Andy Hodgson, the new album follows their critically acclaimed 2016 release “Truth Be Told” which featured the rock radio hit “99%”. The new album was mastered at Abbey Road Studios.
“Shake A Leg” takes a more personal and ambitious approach in both song-writing and production due to the bands choice to write more spontaneously within the studio itself resulting in more emotional ‘in-the-moment’ performances. “Shake A Leg” features 13 hand-picked songs that originate from a collective of all the members influences which they proudly wear on their sleeve.  

Photo Credit: © Rob Blackham
“We wanted to the album to embody songs that not only sounded fresh and exciting, but also communicated lyrics that meant something to us on a personal level that our fans could identify with,” says guitarist Rob Glendinning.
The concept behind the making of “Shake A Leg” represents the band’s relentless touring schedule and their gradual rise to generating a loyal and dedicated following. Known by fans and critics alike for having a reputation as a busy and hard-working band, Bad Touch continue to tour far and wide and are looking forward to playing tracks from the new album when they tour the UK in October and November. 

Photo Credit: © Rob Blackham
“Bad Touch are genuinely excited to sign with Marshall Records,” says the band’s rhythm guitarist Daniel Seekings. “We’re overwhelmed by their support and looking forward to a long-term partnership with great plans for the future. The fact that the label is also affiliated with Marshall Amplification means there’s going to be lots of synergy.”
“Bad Touch are super fun, super cool and they totally rock,” says producer Andy Hodgson of Orange Tree Studios. “Being a producer, we are prone to abuse, but these guys took it easy on me. Bad Touch were amazing to work with. This album is going to be huge.”
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Photo Credit: © Rob Blackham

Shake A Leg
Track by Track

1. Lift Your Head Up
This is about what our audiences feel about our shows. We want to make people dance!

2. Hammer Falls
This is about fairweather friends who are with you when times are good, but they run a mile "when the hammer falls.”

3. Too Many Times
This is what we’d describe A real foot stomper with a sing-a-long chorus.

4. Dressed To Kill
This will get people dancing. It’s a real party song.

5. Skyman
Skyman takes its inspiration from the late great Duane Allman whose nickname was “Skydog”.

6. I Belong
This song is a homage to our home town. Basically, it's a love song to the places we all grew up.

7. Show Me What It Means
This track is driven by basic impulses. It’s a heavy foot stomper of a song about being shown what you are missing out on in the way you live your life.

8. Tussle
Tussle is about the long and hard journey to find love of one kind or another, or as the song puts it, to "Tussle with a tail that aint' got no sting.”

9. Take Me Away
This song comes from a feeling of being lost. Not knowing what the next step should be and trying to find out answers to life’s questions.

10. Believe In Me
Believe In Me is about finding the person that makes you whole, but at the same time is also about doubting that you can live up to what you expect of yourself in that situation.

11. Movin’ On Up
It’s about moving on from a relationship gone bad and moving on to better days.

12. Slow Tempest
The ethos behind it is a fairly simple one. Life might seem dark now, but it’ll get better.

13. Bury Me (When I’m Gone)
This song was recorded in one take with George, Rob and Stevie sitting together in the live room. It’s a sad and lonely song, but nevertheless uplifting. We really hope that comes across.

Photo Credit: © Rob Blackham
"Brilliant as always... Bad Touch's performance was of headlining status"
- Planet Mosh
"Bad Touch know their music and their music knows no bounds"
- Rush On Rock
"Strong and melodic...Bad Touch are infectious."
- This Is Not A Scene
"Soaring riffs...powerful vocals...Bad Touch win over the crowd with ease, thanks to a refreshingly modern sound."
- Unknown Press 

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