Recker Manifest Destiny cd review

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Hailing from the west coast of the US Recker have recently released their latest 8 track cd Manifest Destiny giving us 33 minutes of traditional metal with a hint to the days of NWOBHM.

Led by Rich Recker on lead vocals and bass and ably assisted by Tom Slaughter on drums and Peter Brun on lead guitar with some additional lead guitarist's playing on specific tracks too.

After a short intro on title track Manifest Destiny a guitar riff kicks in before a double bass drum barrage races us through a 4 minute stomper with Rich's vocal's having at times a spoken word theme.The mid song guitar solo and band work out show great promise and love the guitar solo outro too.

Hellbound has a great stop start guitar riff and the good production of the cd showing with Rich's bass work prevalent with gang style vocals on the chorus.I enjoy the ad lib guitar melody in the intro and the mid song riff would have heads banging in unison along side the excellent fast fingered guitar solo.

King takes the pace down a notch relying on the guitar bass groove carrying the song which it does until a nice pace change back up as the guitar solo kicks in.

Nation On Fire has a stop start guitar riff that could move mountains and infused with some melodic strings in the mid songbreak out and another great guitar solo that fit's just right.

Something Wicked This Way Comes again dros the pace a little letting the guitar riff take the strain before on Dark Days sees a Diamond Head style rocker with plenty of chugging guitar riffs.

Light It Up would have horns being thrown as the big stop start and at times held guitar riff  dominate proceeding's and love the ad lib guitar soloings through the song too. 

Let Us Prey finishes the album in style with the pace back up and guitar melodies over the main riff and an extended guitar solo too.

If old school metal is your thing then Recker are worth checking ou and I bet they are great live in a club setting whcih you can at the following venue.

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