Snake Oil & Harmony Hurricane Riders debut album review

Five and a half years ago Danny Vaughn (lead vocalist of Tyketto) and Dan Reed (frontman of funk rockers Dan Reed Network) met at the Download Festival for the first time.

Felling a great affinity with each other they decided to combine their talents in a joint project: a live acoustic touring act called Snake Oil & Harmony with 2 extensive tours combining each others songs and more stories and laughter that is legally possible.

It was only a matter of time before thoughts turned to writing music together and Where The Water Goes was the first collaboration and tested on the last tour and from the audience reaction this would lead to recording their full-length debut album, Hurricane Riders, in Prague (where Dan Reed now dwells), at the legendary ‘Faust Studios’.

The album features Vaughn and Reed on vocals and guitars, but it also brings on board Bengt Jonasson on bass and Robert Mehmet Sinan Ikiz on the drums —  “our bad ass Swedish musical brothers” as Dan Reed calls them.

10 tracks and 43 minutes of beautiful music from 2 rare talents who's voices blend together like velvet with melodies bursting from every pore and choruses to die for.

There is no me first syndrome here as just like the live shows it sees one taking the lead then other backing when required and swopping effortlessly like they have been together forever.

The Lines Are Open opens with acoustic guitar and electric back up and the 2 voices entwined and you can feel the energy that greatness brings.

Last Man Standing the first single has a wonderful pre chorus that leads to a hook fueled melodic chorus and you can only smile at the dream like feel it has.

Aberfan is a thought provoking song relating to the tragedy at Aberfan in 1966 that killed 116 school children and 28 adults with Dan's vocal full of emotion and understanding.

Dance In The Heart Of The Sun is uplifting with Danny's vocal melody and tone stunning and love the extra acoustic guitar add libs and a superb chorus with piano only adding to the feel.

Another Reason is a slower balladic number with a shuffle feel to it before Damned If You Do sees the vocals lines in the chorus very deliberate and the 2 voices again blending with different tones used and creating magic.

Where The Water Goes shows of the beauty contained within with vocals and melodies all wrapped in a production that lets the music breathe.

Cannonball has a country americana feel with a superb chorus before Save The Day sees the pace increase with an insistent drum rhythm and it all builds to a big chorus with Dan's voice slightly higher in the mix.

Little Hercules sees the voices trading lines in the verse before joining on the chorus and a near whispered chorus line.

Hurricane Riders is a great addition to both Dan and Danny's career resume with all of the magic that their combined chemistry and talent brings and they will hit the road very shortly across Europe get your tickets now.

Hurricane Riders is released on 28th February on Zero One Entertainment.

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