Joe Bonamassa Tales Of Time

Tales of Time,is Joe Bonamassa’s sprawling and expansive live concert film and album shot at the breathtaking Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, out 14-4-23 via Bonamassa’s J&R Adventures

The live album was recorded and filmed at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado 8-8-22, where Joe performed the entirety of his album “Time Clocks,” plus seminal tracks from his back catalogue.

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The new live album is released on CD/DVD, CD/Blu-Ray, 3LP 180gram Vinyl.

I have had the pleasure of watching the blu ray and it follows in the long line of Joe's live albums where he and long term producer Kevin Shirley continually push the standard ever higher in terms of sound and picture quality and also the back drop on stage too.

From the moment it starts with views of the stunning Red Rocks venue as the stage is set and the crowd fills the visuals  are magnificent.

Joe and his band with new additions Josh Smith on guitar and new rhythm team of Lema Carter on drums and Calvin Turner on bass alongside the legendary Reese Wynans on keyboards and Jade McRae Mahalia Barnes and Dannielle DeAndrea on backing vocals and percussion take us through the Time Clocks album then selected fan favourites.

Time Clocks was released in October 2019 and shortly after it's release I suffered a stroke and this album was played time and again with it's words and meanings very dear to me and listening to Tales Of Time only enhances my love for this part of our lives.

Any of Joe's recorded output is the basis and blue print to any Joe show but the songs are embellished with the music allowed to breathe and every band member allowed to shine.

Notches is lengthened to nearly 10 minutes with Reese showing his prowess at the songs end showing he is the one for all to follow and the audience show their approval.

The Heart That Never Waits shows Joe has a world class second instrument his voice and they way it blends with the backing singers is quite exceptional and his lengthy guitar solo takes it down to a whisper before building to a crescendo.

Curtain Call again extends to nearly 10 minutes and ends with Josh Smith playing an excellent guitar solo at the song's ending and Joe standing back and watching like a proud father. Everyone plays their part in this band.

The Loyal Kind is my favourite I can watch and listen to time and again. From it's quiet beginnings and then how it builds to the huge chorus with superb backing vocals and the hard edged guitar riff is wonderful. The lyrics ring true to how I was feeling at the time too and the loyalty in friendship I received will never be forgotten. Joe's spell binding guitar solo just takes it off every scale possible and then Lema Carter plays us out and shows how Joe brings out the best in every one he plays with.

Known Unknowns take sit down a notch and shows more vocal greatness and band interplay with Joe's picked notes at the start a pleasure to watch and listen too and his mid song solo follows suit and then lengthy solo in the outro with the band taking the song to new heights and the girls taking on the main chorus line as Joe is busy !!

Title track Time Clocks is another favourite with Joe's vocal superb and the chorus with backing vocals stellar before dropping back to Joe's lone vocal for the verse.

Evil Mama takes it up a couple of notches as the rhythm team shine and hold it all together before more Reese magic mid song with Joe again watching on proudly before he rips into a guitar solo that few on the planet can match with speed dexterity and the audience mesmerised.

Gary Moore's Midnight Blues is lovingly played with the light and shade and the band interplay superb and Joe's held notes prevalent before he breaks out into another solo to sit back and admire.

Mountain Time ends the blu ray with light and shade showing every nuance of the band brought lovingly to life by Kevin Shirley's production skills. Joe's mid set take down to a whisper note with picked notes then sees it rise back to a full band work out and Joe grinning from ear to ear at the joy of playing music.

Blu ray extras include Dust Bowl and then ends with a magnificent The Ballad Of John Henry with all band members showing the qualities we admire time and again. Band interplay with superb vocals and a guitar solo that stuns.

Tales Of Time captures a moment in time that after Covid we may never have seen the like again. From the grins on stage and in the audience and from all of us watching now at home time and again we must grab every moment we can as Time Clocks for us all. 

Live photos are credited to and used with thanks by Jenise Jansen.

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