Robert Jon and the Wreck - Ride into the Light


These guys must be the hardest working group out there at the moment - constantly touring across the US and Europe, a recent debut live DVD release and now a new studio album.  Ride into the Light is released on Joe Bonamassa's Journeyman label on August 4th.

The Wreck teamed up for this release with the legendary producers Don Was (John Mayer, Bonnie Raitt), Dave Cobb (Brandi Carlile, Chris Stapleton), Kevin Shirley (Iron Maiden, The Black Crowes), and guitar maestros Joe Bonamassa & Josh Smith (Marc Broussard, Eric Gales, Joanne Shaw Taylor). 

Ride Into The Light includes the four tracks featured on the band’s recent dynamic EP release One Of A Kind, which received rave reviews not least from this parish. Produced by GRAMMY-Award winners Don Was and Dave Cobb, One Of A Kind showcased Robert Jon & The Wreck’s wide range and dynamic sound.

So, as mentioned above the album kicks off with "Pain No More", which feels like it's already an old classic track - a wonderful southern rock vibe to it, followed closely by "Who Can You Love" which has a beautiful Americana/Allman Brothers/Eagles sound to it - You can't help singing along to it (if you're in an open top car on a winding road in California then all the better).

Third up is the instant rock classic of "Come at Me", followed by (my personal favourite) "One of  a Kind" - all slide guitar, southern blues rock loveliness.

Now that's the EP done, we're into more unknown territory, but fear not - The Wreck don't let you down.

Track 5 is "Bring Me Back Home Again"  When this was released as a single I said "Even on the first hearing you feel like you already know this song - like it's a well played classic from your past. That's not to say its not original, it is.. but that's the beauty of RJatW current writing - the songs are the audio equivalent of putting on those comfortable jeans and leather jacket and heading out down the road with the sun on your back and not a care in the world."

Track 6 is "West Coast Eyes" is an acoustic lead ballad, full of sumptuous harmonies and lyrics about a summer love, whilst Track 7 is the latest single "Don't Look Down" and is a full on, melodic rock track.

The final track is the title track "Ride into the Light" - which starts with dual harmony guitars and becomes a wonderful sounding mid-tempo southern rock track, with the guitars coming back throughout the track. 

Robert Jon and the Wreck are one of the best bands out there at the moment - their songwriting and musicianship is as good as anybody you care to mention, and in Henry James Schneekluth they have one of the most underrated guitarists of the decade.    

You can pre-order Ride into the Light here but also try an catch them live as if you think they are good on album, you should see them live!


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