Creed - Live DVD

I could start this review by saying what a big fan of Creed I am, how I’ve been looking forward to watching this DVD etc. I could, but I think I’d soon be found out so I’ll be honest and say though I’d heard of Creed I’d never listened to any of their material before this DVD. In one sense I think this means I can give a really truthful review -  that is not seen simply as “a fans” through rose tinted glasses.

I also have to say that I have a bit of love/hate affair with rock DVDs. Some are awful, a few so so and a very few excellent. Rush - in Rio, and Whitesnake – Live in the Still of the Night come straight to my mind and one thing links them and this Creed DVD, and that is Daniel E. Catullo III (Producer/Director). When I saw his name on the credits I thought I may be in for treat.

This DVD oozes quality from start to finish, the sound is top draw and the picture quality is excellent. There are plenty of great camera angles from the world record breaking 239 cameras. I loved it. The excitement and energy of the show is captured and transferred through your TV to you, the viewer.

A few of tracks I picked out as personal favorites were Never Die, What If and Unforgiven.  There are also bonus features of a photo gallery, interviews and a documentary of the band’s reunion.

I would recommend this DVD to any rock music fan and if you are true Creed fan you may wish to get the deluxe edition, which is released in early 2010, with full “Big Freeze” technology, a bonus live CD, Poster and T shirt.


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