Girlschool - Hit & Run Revisited

30 years after the release of the original Hit and Run album Girlshool have returned to the studio to rerecord Hit and Run Revisited and a mighty fine job they have made of it as well. Modern recording technology has allowed the band to produce a massive almost “live” sound that drives through each of these classic NWOBHM tracks.

C’mon Let’s Go has a real urgency, The Hunter has a big rift driving throughout and the message contained within Following the Crowd is still as apt today as it was when it was originally written in 1981. The only cover on the album, Tush has been given raw rocky edge on this recording. The title track features twice on this revisited CD firstly the rerecording with just Girlschool and then as one of two bonus tracks where it features the mighty vocal talents of Doro, a real highlight. Yeah Right has been brought up to date with a rescripting of the adlib comments before the guitar solo. Future Flash finishes the tracks from the original Hit and Run before two bonus tracks, one being the afore mentioned Hit and Run with Doro, and the other a great rerecording of Demolition Boys from Girlschool’s debut album.
This 2011 Revisited version of Hit and Run sits as great companion to the original, which was one of the first NWOBHM albums I bought, and I would really recommend getting a copy.

01 C‘mon Let‘s Go
02 The Hunter
03 (I’m Your) Victim
04 Kick It Down
05 Following the Crowd
06 Tush
07 Hit and Run
08 Watch Your Step
09 Back to Start
10 Yeah Right
11 Future Flash
12 Demolition Boys
13 Hit and Run (featuring Doro).

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