Tom Fuller Band - "Ask"

As you can see from the usual suspects that I go to see or review should I really like this cd?

The Paul McCartney influence drew me in as the Fab 4 area  guilty pleasure of mine and I'm really glad that I did.
What we have is a powerpop, Beatles influenced, American classic rock cd that although easy listening hits hard when it needs to and leaves you wanting to play it again and again.

With hints of Tom Petty and Cheap Trick too this is a cd that should be all over radio stations on both sides of the Atlantic.

Each song has it's own story and with Tom's vocals at the heart of it, every spin draw's you in to the infectious melodies and hooks and melodic guitar parts that made you like this music in the first place.

Favourite's include the impassioned vocals on "Hell Fire Angel",the drum led rhythm's of opener "Lovers",the classic stop/start riff of "Merci Beaucoup",the huge chorus and riff on"Morphine Maureen" with it's Wings style musical interlude and guitar solo and the closer "Garden Dreaming Days"which should have a guest appearance with Tom's hero Mr.McCartney on it unless he already is if you catch my drift.

A real surprise for me here but one that I'm so glad I took the musical journey with and I for one look forward to seeing the man's star rise.


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