Tracer - Spaces In Between album review & tour dates

"Spaces In Between" is the new cd from power trio Tracer who hail from Adelaide South Australia.
After 2 independent releases and 2 international tours the cd is released in the UK on October the 3rd through Cool Green Recordings.

So what do they sound like?A heady mix of 70's classic rock and 90's stoner rock with undercurrent's of Black Sabbath/Led Zeppelin/Queens Of The Stone Age with a vocalist with an almighty roar with hints of Chris Cornell or Josh Homme but who sound current like they are seasoned pro's not 3 young lads.

Michael (guitar and vox) and Leigh Brown (bass and vocals) and drummer Andre Wise have created a passionate cd that they have put their collective heart and soul into that deserves to be heard by everyone.

First track and single "Too Much" sets the scene from the word go with a huge riff, huge chorus and an instant classic song. It will go down a storm live. (You can download it for free here & see the video at the end of this review)

Something that sets them apart is they understand that sometimes less is more. Throughout the cd there are some quieter moments so when they explode it hits even harder. Light and shade can work as well as just a wall of noise.
"Push"has a big Queens Of The Stone Age vibe with a big chorus and great solo at the outro.
 "Walk Alone"has a  heavy drum beat at it's core and superb bluesy vocal which shows the light and shade formula off so well.
"Louder Than This" has a huge vocal over heavy throbbing riff which turns into a bluesy stomp with an excellent guitar solo.

"Devil Ride" again will go down a storm live with its heavy opening riff and then again the use of light and shade before an enormous build up to the huge riff and chorus. Brilliant.
"The Bitch"has a Sabbath/Queens Of The Stone Age vibe with a huge riff and the musical interlude over the end of the second chorus leads into another excellent solo.
"Voice In The Rain" is a longer slower song which gives Michael a real chance to shine with a superb vocal and I love the vocal guitar interplay during the last 30 seconds.
In fact on a couple of songs the guitar solo's don't start at the end of the second chorus like usual songs but the solo's start during the chorus which is different but comes across so well.
The title track "Spaces In Between" again uses the light and shade formula brilliantly with another huge chorus and a picked slightly Arabic feel to the solo.
"Dead Inside" uses the solo over the chorus effect to the max and is a real highlight and again will be a winner in the live show.
"Save My Breath" has a big driving riff/groove and build to another huge chorus and again the solo starts over the chorus to great effect and carries onto the end in brilliant style.
"All In My Head" has a slower slightly grungy vocal effect but big guitars at the chorus kick in and yet another excellent solo.
Cd closer "Won't Let It Die(Run Mary)" starts with an acoustic guitar and vocal but soon builds into a bluesy stomp with a huge solo.

In closing I cannot recommend this cd enough and look forward to seeing and hearing more  from them in the future.

Mark them down "As One to Watch" - ME

Support to Royal Republic
Monday 24th October 2011

Tickets: £10.00 / Box Office: 0871 472 0400 / Doors: 7pm
Venue Box Office: 0114 276 0262
Book Online:
Venue Address: Trafalgar Court, 2 Milton St, Sheffield S1 4JU

Tuesday 25th October 2011

Tickets: £6.00 / Box Office: 0113 244 0474 / Doors: 7pm
Book Online:
Venue Page:
Venue Email:
Venue Address: Chorley Lane. Leeds LS3 1AB
Venue Website:

Wednesday 26th October 2011

Tickets: £6.00 / 0141 221 5279/ Doors: 8:30pm
Book Online:
General Enquiries: 0141 221 5279
Venue Email:
272 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5RL
Venue Website:

Thursday 27th October 2011

Tickets: £6.00 / Box Office: 0844 477 2000 / Doors: 7pm
Book Online:
Book Online:
Venue Email:
Westgate Road, Newcastle, United Kingdom, NE1 1SW
Venue Website:

Friday 28th October 2011

Tickets: £6.50 / Box Office: 0844 888 4420 / Doors: 6pm
General Enquiries: 0161 237 9789
Book Online:
Book Online:
Book Online:
8 Newton Street, Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2AN
Venue Website:

Saturday 29th October 2011

Tickets: £6.00 / Box Office: 0845 413 4444 / Doors: 7pm
General Enquiries: 0115 950 6547
Book Online:
8 Talbot Street, Nottingham, NG1 5GG
Venue Website:

Monday 31st October 2011THE COOLER, BRISTOL 
Tickets: £6.00 / Box Office: 0117 9 450 999 / Doors: 7:30
Book Online:
Book Online:
General Enquiries: 0117 9450 999
Venue Email:
48 Parker Street, Bristol, BS1 5JG
Venue Website:

Tuesday 1st November 2011

Tickets: £6.00 / Box Office: 0870 320 7000 / Doors: 7pm
Book Online:
General Enquiries: 01902 552122
Booking Office Email:
Broad Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 1HP
Venue Website:

Wednesday 2nd November 2011

Tickets in advance: £6.00 / Tickets at door: £8pm
Box Office: 02380 225 612 / Doors: 7:30
Book Online:
Book Online:
Venue Email:
141 St Mary’s Street, Southampton, SO14 1NS
Venue Website:

Thursday 3rd November 2011
Tickets: £6:00 / Box Office: 0207 482 1932 / Doors: 7:30
Book Online:
General Enquiries: 0207 482 1932
Venue Email:
174 Camden High Street, London, NW1 0NE
Venue Website:

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