Joey Vera of Armored Saint talks Win Hands Down cd

Rockgig had the pleasure to catch up with legendary bass player Joey Vera from Armored Saint recently about their superb new cd Win Hands Down.

Rockgig 5 years since La Raza was released what has the band been up to in that period?

Joey We did some touring in Europe and some select dates in the US. We began writing around Feb 2013.

Rockgig How long did it take to write and record the new album?

Joey About 1.5 years

Rockgig Do you write together or separately?

Joey I write the music alone, then I give it to John and he writes the melodies and lyrics.

Rockgig Where did you record the new album?

Joey We did the drums at Clearlake Audio in Burbank, CA. The guitars and bass at Travis Dickerson Studios Chatsworth, CA. The vocals at my studio, Bridge Recording, Los Angeles, CA

Rockgig Famously your early demo's ended up in some critic's end of year best of lists so do you still demo material before you enter the studio?

Joey Yes, I record very elaborate demos before I give them to John.

Rockgig Who came up with the album title and why?

Joey It’s the title of the first song on the record. John wrote the song about a time when we were growing up and sharing music and learning about life while we were young.

Rockgig Can you tell us what the new album's song titles are about?

Joey Well John would better suit that one. See above for Win Hands Down. Mess is roughly about the state of over consumption we’re in. Debauchery is about the state of porn. Muscle Memory is a reminder of the important things in life. That Was Then is about the people who live out their past in the current social media. Full Head of Steam is about taking charge. Dive is about taking chances. Up Yours is about saying Fuck you.

Rockgig Do you feel pressure when writing new material that it stands up to your past work?

Joey No. I don’t need to feel like I have to compete with anything at all.

Rockgig I have lived with the album now for a couple of weeks and think it is fantastic do you have a favourite song from it?

Joey Right now, Muscle Memory

Rockgig You have a special guest on the new album,Pearl Aday,on With A Full Head Of Steam and vocally it works so well how did you come to invite her to sing on it?

Joey John wanted to sing a duet with a female and Pearl was the obvious choice. We’ve all been friends for a long time and she has an amazing voice.

Rockgig The music industry has changed hugely in your career what are your thoughts on the music industry now?

Joey It is, what it is. It’s not that different other than the method of delivery and method of promotion.

Rockgig What do you see as success in 2015?Critical acclaim,cd and ticket sales or more on a personal level?

Joey It’s a success just making records and seeing that we connect with people after 30 years.

Rockgig You have just played some shows in America with Saxon how were they to do?

Joey They were all amazing. All sold out. Love playing with the Saxon guys, great dudes, all of them!

Rockgig How lond did you play for?

Joey We played about 50 – 70 minutes.

Rockgig Your coming to the UK in August I am pleased to say with shows at Bloodstock and supporting Queensryche in London what can we expect?

Joey High energy rock and roll.

Rockgig Any chance of any headlining UK dates in the future?

Joey There’s always a chance for that.

Rockgig What does the rest of 2015 hold for Armored Saint?

Joey We play more dates in summer festivals and some German shows in December. Might shoot another video soon too.

Rockgig Any more thoughts for your fans across the world?

Joey Many, many thanks for everyone who has supported us and to the new ones who newly support us. We really cant do any of this without you. THANK YOU!

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Rockgig would like to thank Joey for taking the time to talk to Rockgig and to Andy Turner of Metal Blade Records for setting it up for us.

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