Trixter Human Era

Trixter release their second album since reforming on June 5th in Europe and the 9th of June in North America on Frontiers Records Srl.

After bursting onto the scene in 1990 with their debut album Trixter were another band that was killed by the grunge scene of the early 90's.

They reformed with the original members back in 2007 before releasing the New Audio Machine album in 2012 which I will be honest for me didn't set the world on fire.

So we move forward to 2015 and album number 4 Human Era and for me their best album to date for which listening to it for the umpteenth time I am genuinely shocked at how good it is.

Trixter know their market and if well written melodic rock anthems with huge hooks,big guitar riffs and melodies in choruses that you will sing in the shower for weeks,is your thing well dive right in.

The band Pete Loran on vocals,Steve Brown guitar / vocals,P.J. Farley bass / vocals and  Mark "Gus" Scott on drums all play their part but for me it is the song writing is key to this album.

Human Era is 11 tracks (13 on itunes) 45 minutes of fun good time rock n roll played with a smile on their faces with a production that lets everything come to the boil.In your face riffs and pounding drums with those huge huge choruses that deserve to be sang back at stadiums by huge crowds.

Of the 11 tracks you only get one ballad (Beats Up) and the rest in varying degrees of rocking all have their moments.

First single Rockin' To The Edge Of The Night is pure Def Leppard with a multi layered sugar coated chorus that moulds well with the bright and breezy guitar riff and pounding drum rhythm all adding to the mix.

Crash Party takes it up a notch further with a chugging riff that will get fists punching and lots of yeah yeah's in the chorus.

You get the drift Not Like All The Rest is a party in 3 minutes all riff attitude and another chorus from the melodic rock handbook of how to write choruses.

For You is a double bass and Van Halen style guitar extravaganza with a chorus that sits below the others so far if I am honest.

Every Second Counts is a mid paced song that benefits from the quieter interlude at the beginning that then build up to the chorus.Big guitar melody alongside the chorus that gives it a slightly different feel.

Good Times Now starts on woah woahs on a mid paced song that is pure rock candy and leads to a lengthy chorus part that you can imagine being played live purely for the band/crowd interaction on the chorus.

Midnight In Your Eyes is a song built on a picked electric riff and quieter verse that leads to a chorus that as all the band kick into the biggest Def Leppard style multi layered heard in many a long year.

Al Night Long for me is the best thing the band have done period.Fast pace over a chugging riff that just cries out for a chorus.And boy do we get it!!Extra guitar melodies over the second verse add to the mix and Steve Brown nails a lengthy guitar solo showing plenty of notes but also melody and passion.

Soul Of A Lovin' Man and the title track Human Era round out the album in style.The former adds some horns to the mix and another nice chug along guitar riff and a brilliant chorus that actually benefits from just one vocal for a change before a nice shred guitar solo from Brown.The latter is an anthem for 2015 that lets Pete Loran show off his vocal melodic range on the picked guitar riff led verse that builds up to a chorus with again a subtle twist.Loran sings the first part and the band the next which again shows the quality of the writing and slight difference in choruses brings a different feel.

Human Era surprised me and is the perfect album for the summer months to be played loud with the roof down and one to sing along to and put a huge smile on your lips and the neighbours too!!

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