Inglorious The Brook Southampton 23-2-16

A cold Tuesday night at The Brook and on arrival a large crowd had gathered and were treated to a 25 minute acoustic set from Outlaw Blue who included Dolly Parton's Little BlackBird and Lynyrd Skynyrd's Sweet Home Alabama in their set.
Excellent female vocalist before second support The Room played a 30 minutes set of melodic rock with prog rock stylings.Plenty of time changes and some lengthy guitar solo's from Steve Anderson and great vocals from Martin Wilson.

But we all had come to see the new kids on the block who have just released their debut cd on Frontiers Records Srl.

I have waxed lyrical about the band since being fortunate enough to hear their debut cd back in November and seeing them support The Winery Dogs a couple of weeks ago had done nothing to stop the thought that this could be the birth of something special.

So after an album launch show in London 2 days before this was their second headline show but as they came on stage this didn't feel like a new band but seasoned professionals who are onto something big.

For 65 minutes they ripped Southampton a new one with 10 choice cuts from their debut cd and 3 cover versions that they had made their own.
Here is what they played.

Until I Die
I Surrender
High Glying Gypsy
Bleed For You
Goodbye Girl
Your Mine
Holy Water
Lay Down Stay Down
Girl Got A Gun

The band hit the stage like a juggernaut with the same 1-2 as the album with Until I Die and then Breakaway with them having even more balls in the live setting but still highly melodic and with all of the extra guitar soloing from Andreas Eriksson a feature too.

Next up is a cover of Rainbow's I Surrender which is played with such verve and passion that if you had never heard it before you would have believed it was one of their own tunes.

Centre stage Nathan James has the most incredible vocal capacity and he commands the stage like he owns it with a confidence borne of his talent and also the quality of material he is singing.On I Surrender you know if it was sang like Nathan did at this show when Rainbow play their few dates in the summer then Ritchie is the loser on this one.

High Flying Gypsy takes it down a notch in pace with a stop start guitar riff and Eriksson's adding plenty of fiery soloing and the rhythm team of Phil Beaver on drums and Colin Parkinson on bass laying down a ferocious beat that gives Nathan and Andreas the front of stage dynamics.A keyboard player added depth to the sound and Will Taylor on second guitar riffed all night and added some good soloing too.

The band seemed genuinely shocked at the size of the crowd and the reception given to them with all of it thoroughly deserved.

Warning was played a pace up on the cd version and  was even better for it before the title track of the cd was played for only the second time and an excellent drum and bass solo to finish.

Toto's Goodbye Girl shows of the bands sense of dynamics amazingly well and also their superb backing vocals which shine through with the stop start nature of the song.

Your Mine co written with Joel Hoeskstra of Whitesnake has a real kick in the main guitar riff and rhythm  and Nathan manages to hit every note as he goes up a scale on each chorus and even manages to hit the one at the end of the song when you think he has reached his peak he goes one more.Amazing.

A cover of major influence Deep Purple's Lay down Stay Down was blitzed through with a care free attitude and but showing a deep love for their influences.

Girl Got A Gun ended the main set before they returned for my favourite track on the cd Unaware.With the keyboard intro you think ballad before this huge guitar riff and drum assault kicks in.Nathan sings his nuts off alongside the stop start guitar riff before the chorus which is just sublime with Nathan having a real edge to his vocal.At the end of the chorus straight back to Will's huge guitar riff and Andreas's soloing.Brilliant.

Inglorious have the class and talent to make a real splash in the rock scene not just in 2016 but for decade's to come.

You have heard the buzz now believe it and let's all get behind a real British talent(ok one Swede!).

You hear complaints about where is the next big British band?

Well they are here and they are Inglorious.

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