The Treatment Generation Me

Bands replace singers on a regular basis but it is who you replace them with and how you deal with it that matters.

The Treatment release third cd Generation Me on the 18th of March on Frontiers Records Srl and sees new vocalist Mitchel Emms and new guitarist Toa Grey take their bows in a rejuvenated band with a breath of fresh air and new impetus.

Mitchel has a more classic rock voice than the sleazier vocals of predecessor Matt Jones and with the high energy high octane rock n roll this is band reborn.

With a superbly vibrant production from Laurie Mansworth from Airrace and dad of drummer Dhani the songs crack with power and passion whether it be a guitar riff,drum fill or vocal line.

Let It Begin starts the cd as it means to carry on with an AC/DC stop start riff and drum rhythm that will get crowds bouncing from the word go.The first of many big choruses with Mitchel stretching his vocal chords and some great backing vocals on the chorus too.

The Devil is next with an electric picked intro before the band build up the attitude before another big AC/DC guitar riff comes in and dips out as Mitchel shows off his vocal range before it really kicks in at the chorus with a real stomp in the guitar riff and drum track and a great chorus.You feel you may have heard it before but when it is played with such a kick ass attitude and that word fun then it can't go wrong.

Tell Us The Truth is a balls out rocker with big riffs and pounding drums but still time for a great chorus with a huge hook.

Title track Generation Me is another stompathon with a rolling guitar riff and nearly a minute passes before Mitchel kicks in.There are at least 3 different guitar riffs in the intro before the main one starts and a chorus made for crowds to bellow back at the band.A short sharp fiery guitar solo fits in like they do throughout the whole cd.

Backstreet Heartbeat shows a different side to the band.With a picked electric opening and stunning vocal from Mitchel that builds into a huge huge chorus with backing vocals and Mitchel really opening up.Some great extra melodic guitar parts thrown in for good measure.
Good to not be one trick ponies and this shows a side to the band they can explore with melody and passion over power.A Thin Lizzy style duel guitar solo comes in to the second part of the song too.

Cry Tough has a riff Airbourne wish they had written with a song built for the live shows with a verve and a song that will have horns thrown and air guitars ready.Slightly different chorus with Mitchel singing the first part with the band singing the Cry Tough part.Works well.

We Are Beautiful has a different feel with a down tuned riff but no less powerful and the main guitar riff works in tandem with the vocals in the chorus.

I Know She Knows has a guitar riff on it's own with Mitchel's vocal line before the band all crash in and a superbly melodic chorus gives another feel to the quality and never the same style.

Bloodsucker has a huge driving guitar riff that then changes into a chugging stop start riff with Mitchel's vocal filling the gaps and a big one word chorus.

Better Think Again sees a slowing in pace with a bluesy number before the balls out Light The Sun finishes the album in style with a rolling guitar riff and Mitchel's melodic vocal stylings to the fore with a lengthy chorus that is superb.

The Treatment have turned what could have been a negative into a huge positive with their in my opinion best album of their careers and head out on a 14 date UK tour in April and May and you need to be there.

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