The Temperance Movement London Forum 27-01-16

After a venue switch due to Shepherds Bush Empire's roof issues the Forum welcomed a large crowd to see the rise and rise of The Temperance Movement.

But first up was The Sheepdogs who hail from Canada and produced a perfect warm up for TTM with a style of The Allman Brothers with plenty of catchy choruses and loads and loads of harmony guitars which went down very well with the expanding crowd.

Led by the excellent vocals Ewen Currie and his guitar duelling with partner in crime Jimmy Bowskill was outstanding with both showing a great melodic tone.

Here is what they played.

I'm Gonna Be Myself
I Really Wanna Be Your Man
Southern Dreaming
Bad Lieutenant
Take a Trip
Help Us All
Feeling Good
How Late How Long
I Don't Know

I am sure many people will now see the band when the return as headliners towards the end of March in the UK.

Back in December 2012 we were fortunate to see TTM support Little Angels and witness the start of something special.That evening they walked on with no one knowing who they were and left to a standing ovation.

Now with the release of second album White Bear and larger venues across the country showing sold out notices countrywide the band continue their ascent to stadiums.

A baying crowd witnessed a 90 minute set with the whole of White Bear being played.
Here is what they played.

Ziggy Stardust
3 Bulleits
Oh Lorraine
Midnight Black
Be Lucky
Modern Massacre
Ain't No Telling
The Sun And The Moon Roll Around Too Soon
White Bear
Get Yourself Free
Only Friend
Take It Back
Battle Lines
Encores of
I Hope I'm Not Losing My Mind
A Pleasant Peace I Feel
Lovers And Fighters

The band surprised us with a cover of the sadly departed David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust which started the evening on a huge high.

Phil Campbell is an engaging front man and his dance moves are reaching legendary status.At times dad dancing crossed with a chimpanzee at one point but always entertaining.His vocals are superb with a real depth and clarity and he tells a story every time with real feeling and is a class act.

Three Bulleits starts the new material with an energy that belies it's recorded state and the level doesn't dip at all for 90 minutes.Nick Fyffe on bass never stops moving losing himself in the music and his rhythm team colleague Damon Wilson lays down a monumental barrage.
The guitar team has seen a change with Matt White joining Paul Sayer but you would never have known as they were so tight and some guitar duelling moments showed how much further the band can progress.

With an excellent sound and lighting rig the band continued to delight with the heaviness of Modern Massacre getting fists raised but the band are equally adept at taking it down for the totally colossal Pride which was from the debut ep and still stuns with its peaks and troughs and is a showstopper on it's own.

White Bear again came across fantastically in the live environment and the band will have fun playing them and I am sure developing songs into new creatures.

Smouldering did just that with an excellent Phil vocal and help from the audience before Only Friend from the debut cd raised the roof and Battle Lines closed the main set in style.

I Hope I Am Not Losing My Mind again blew away it's studio release with a bit more of a tempo which i would love to hear if the band are recording this tour as they should before Lovers And Fighters blew the Forum roof off.

TTM are one of the standard bearers for British rock moving forward and it is in safe hands.


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