Dan Reed Danny Vaughn Camden Underworld 15-05-16

First up was Craig McDonald who played a 30 minute acoustic set which showed off his fine guitar playing  and his excellent melodic vocal tones.

Definately one to look out for on YouTube as he kept telling us and his banter with the crowd showed  great humour.Great to see the 2 Dan's come on unannounced to give backing vocals on one track that Craig seemed genuinely surprised to see them.

I was fortunate to catch last year's first Snake Oil And Harmony tour and this just about topped it.

From the minute they came on with Dan Reed apologising for Donald Trump their mix of witty banter and genuine admiration for each other's musical ability needs to be bottled and brought out to make the world a better place.

They tend to do a song each with the other adding wonderful vocal back up melodies and watching in admiration.

Here is what they played

Sometimes It Snows In April (Prince cover)
Only Love
Is That All There Is
I'm Lonely Please Stay
Burning Down Inside
Bending The Light
Making Waves (From The Inside
Space Oddity (David Bowie cover)
39 (Queen cover)
Standing Alone 3 with Craig McDonald
Get To You
Here's Hoping It Hurts
Rainbow Child
Miracle Days
Soldiers And Sailors On Riverside
Salt Of Joy
Encores of Wings
Long Way To Go

They started with a Prince song that was genuinely moving and you could have heard a pin drop before huge applause rang out.

Other covers included David Bowie's Space Oddity which had Craig rejoin them with the harmony backing vocals going to an even higher level before Queen's 39 had Dan using a tambourine something he told us he had never done before.

They strip the songs back to it's original format and it is breath taking.

Monday from Tyketto's Dig In Deep was a welcome addition with Danny Vaughn's raw vocal stunning.

There was a great moment when they spoke about best and worst present's from fans which had Dan saying crabs to Danny saying hair product.More banter ensued mentioning razor's and the struggle to find a hair brushing the tour bus this year.

Dan dug deep with Avalanche and set closer Salt Of Joy was stunning.

Danny gave us a song from the second From The Inside album and of course some classic Tyketto with the 25th anniversary of Don't Come Easy celebrated with Burning Down Inside seeing the audience backing vocals very loud.

Rainbow Child from Dan was amazing with his vocal tone superb.

Long Way To Go ended a near 2 hour set that sets the standard for all performers to try to reach.

All bands should be made to do shows like this and I still find it incredible they have only known each other a few years as the warmth they show each other seems to be decade's deep.

Simply superb and lets us hope for more shows and maybe some recording together.

If not record these shows and let the magic begin.

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