Yes - Oxford New Theatre 9th May 2016

When the Significant Other expressed an interest in going to see Yes, my initial thought was 'well if they don't play anything from 90125 I'm f***ed'  Then I saw it was a Drama and Fragile tour, and I knew I was definitely f***ed.

...except I wasn't.  They played one track from that album (you can guess which one, or scroll down for spoilers) and 99% of stuff that me, a Yes virgin, did not know...however I really enjoyed it.

They started with a pre-recorded track called Onward, with none of the band on stage and just a spotlight shining on Chris Squire's solitary bass guitar.

We were then treated to a set of two halves (with a very specific countdown during the interval as to when we had to be back in our seats).. first half included Drama and the second included the Fragile album,both in the the album running order.

I'm not going to get into the debate of whether the band I witnessed last night should be called Yes, or No or Maybe, based on the number of original band members on stage, as I've no frame of reference to go on, however I thought that Billy Sherwood (who has played with Yes many times in the past) was superb and Jon Davidson is an exceptional vocalist.   As every song got a huge cheer (and even standing ovation) I suspect the rest of the crowd thought so too.

..Geoff Downes even got fellow Buggle (and Drama vocalist) Trevor Horn onstage to sing Tempus Fugit.

I could explain the setlist, except I'd be making stuff up, so courtesy of , here is what they played ..

Onward (recorded Chris Squire Tribute)
Machine Messiah
Man in a White Car
Does It Really Happen?
Into the Lens
Run Through the Light
Tempus Fugit
Time and a Word (Peter Banks Tribute)
Siberian Khatru
Going for the One (Start of the Second Set after a 20 minute intermission)

Owner of a Lonely Heart
Cans and Brahms
We Have Heaven
South Side of the Sky
Five Per Cent for Nothing
Long Distance Runaround
The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)
Mood for a Day
Heart of the Sunrise
Starship Trooper (encore)

A good time was had by all, and we all went out into the warm, wet Oxford evening humming 7 minute jazz based guitar solos, then the virgins amongst us downloaded a few classic Yes albums when we got home.


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