Magnum / Vega Oxford Academy 14-05-16


Being a huge Vega fan I was looking forward to seeing the guys on a bigger stage and the chance to win over some new fans.

Their 40 minute set went past in a flash and here is what they played.

Kiss Of Life
Going To Need Some Love Tonight
Every Little Monster
Stereo Messiah
All Or Nothing
The Wild The Weird The Wonderful
White Flag
Where We Are

Saving Grace

With the stunning new cd Who We Are out the day before the band came on to the new fantastic opener Explode which did exactly that.

Marcus Thurston's guitar riff cut through the air as Dan Chantrey's drum kicked off a 40 minute set that showed the band are ready and able to kick on to the next level.

The huge chorus had me screaming it back and Nick Workman on vocals was in great voice and working the crowd from the word go.

And his cheeky banter with the crowd showed a man at ease.

Following it up with their first single from 2010 Kiss Of Life was perfect as was the follow up Going To Need Some Love Tonight by which time I need oxygen.

A perfect 1-2-3 which had all of Vega's trademark riff and huge huge choruses.
The crowd were won over straight away and Vega kept up the standard with Every Little Monster again from the new cd with another killer chorus.
Marcus's short fiery fast fingered soloing was a highlight especially on his birthday.

Ending with a new song Saving Grace that ended with a crowd participation part and the band left to huge applause and for a long time fan like me the hope that this is only the beginning.

Magnum don't do bad gigs.
For a band now in their 5th decade they continue to amaze with their high quality recorded output and plenty of touring too.
Their new cd Sacred was well represented with 5 new songs aired and all impressed.
In fact with such a long career how do you keep everyone happy.
Their 100 minute set had a fantastic mix of new and old with a 50/50 split between newer material and classics and for me was about right.
Here is what they played.

Soldier Of The Line
On a Storyteller's Night
Sacred Blood Divine Lies
Freedom Day
Dance Of The Black Tattoo
Crazy Old Mothers
Blood Red Laughter
Your Dreams Won't Die
How Far Jerusalem
Unwritten Sacrifice
Twelve Men Wise And Just
Les Morts Dansant
All England's Eyes
Princess In Rags (The Cult)
Encores of The Spirit

Kingdom Of Madness

Bob Catley at 68 was in wonderful voice and only he could come in dressed all in white including Reebok hi top boots.
As ever his hand gestures amaze and delight and his vocal tone and range was as good as ever.
All of the band are top notch.Mark Stanway on keys,Al Barrow on bass,Harry James who was in fine pounding form and of course the man behind all of the music Tony Clarkson on guitar who makes it look all so easy.

His spotlight piece in the extended part of How Far Jerusalem was starting point for all aspiring guitarists.Not flash and not all fingers flailing but how he riffed and melodic soloing was jaw dropping and a highlight for me.

Ending with a riff heavy Vigilante before returning for a beautiful acoustic opening The Spirit was incredible and you could have heard a pin drop.
Kingdom of Madness ended with the crowd bouncing up and down and plenty of crowd bellowing and a fine end to a yet another top gig from Magnum.

This gig showed the classic band and the new upcoming band and both were on top notch form and if you get the chance to see them do not miss out.

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