Bernie Marsden - Tingewick Village Hall fundraiser 7/10/17

Bernie Marsden has been one of my guitar heroes since I first heard Ready and Willing at the tender age of 14. He was the reason that I asked my parents for a guitar for my birthday and I duly got a black strat copy from Woolies in Wantage.

That era Whitesnake was, and, my kind of music.. Live in Heart of the City is still my regular play-along CD... Well I say 'play along' .. I can occasionally provide a sufficient rhythm track but just tend to listen along when Marsden or Moody step up to the solos!

So.. why Tingewick Village Hall?  How many rock stars would play a fundraiser gig in their local village hall ?  This is what makes Bernie unique..talented beyond words, humble, full of anecdotes, stories and a bloody good laugh.  He even recently hand delivered a few copies of his autobiography to the shock of his fans.. I bet Mr Coverdale wouldn't do that..

Luckily I live nearby and a friend lives in the village so we got word of the 'secret' gig...
...Having said that, this wasn't a gig as such, but a party in the local village hall, no different to thousands that go on up and down the country every year...

... except...

...instead of some unintelligible DJ pumping out crappy tunes we had a great blues band (Sidewinder) getting the crowd in the party mood, followed by a guitar virtuoso and his bloody tight backing band (including his right hand man, FM's Jim Kirkpatrick) effortlessly playing rock and blues covers.

We sang between sipping at our plastic pints of Doombar. We danced trying not to spill our half pints of Merlot and we shimmied with our raffle tickets stuffed into our back pockets. 

Bernie posted this brief video on his facebook page if you want to have a look:

Of course the Whitesnake songs came out later in the evening.. everyone sang.. everyone danced.. and Tingewick Village Hall got some much needed funds... and frankly anywhere that serves red wine in half pint measures should be supported wholeheartedly.

Everyone's a winner.

(huge thanks to Nicole for the photos)


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