Dan Patlansky The Borderline London 21-3-18

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With sold out notice's country wide London was the last night of the Perfection Kills album launch tour.

First up for a brief 30 minute set was Mollie Marriott and my first thought was that her band had changed (bass player may have been the same) since her dates supporting Bad Touch back in November.
Here is what they played.

Nobody To Love
Truth Is A Wolf
Into Shape
Run With The Hounds
I Should Have Known It (Tom Petty cover)

New guitarist Ryan Burnett was a little less flashy than the previous guitarist giving the music a more classic blues rock feel with Mollie's flawless vocal tone and melody lines that were an aural delight with the crowd very responsive.
New album title track Truth Is A Wolf saw Mollie's voice soaring before new song Into Shape was a look into a very bright future.

A heavy rocking cover of Tom Petty's I Should Have Known It saw some nodding head's before recent single Control brought a close to a set that left us all wanting more.
Head liner status beckons.

Dan Patlansky is becoming a regular visitor to these shores with headlining tour's as well as support slot's with King King,Joe Satriani and Joanne Shaw Taylor.

These dates were in support of the the recent release of his superb Perfection Kills cd with the set list being drawn primarily from his last 3 studio releases to include Introvertigo and Dear Silence Thieves.

Here in 85 minutes is what he played.

Instrumental intro
Never Long Enough
You Upset Me Baby (BB King cover)
Too Far Gone
Stop The Messin'
Dog Day
Bring The World To It's Knees
Still Wanna' Be Your Man
My Chana
Encore of Sonnova Faith

I love the fact Dan is his own roadie and set's up his pedal board and a quick warm up with his finger's a blur that most guitarist's couldn't pull off ever.He then leaves the stage to return in a few minutes for the start of the show.

A band work out instrumental gets eyes popping as Dan's style is jaw dropping with a series of solo's that inspire and delight before Johnny off the new cd show's that Dan also possesses a wonderful rich smoky voice that is world class too.

His band on this tour is Tom Gatza on keys,Johnathan Murphy on bass and Felix Dehmel on drum's and there is great band inter play through out with Gatza getting the chance to shine early on in the set.

A heavy Heartbeat got some raised fist's and head's nodding before Dan paid homage to one of his hero's in BB King by playing You Upset Me Baby and another superb display of held note's from Dan.He always appears to be close to feed back but his fast fingered guitar run's at this close proximity are a delight to watch.

Too Far Gone saw his wah peddle getting a work out before Stop The Messin' shone witha  funky edge before the new album's first single Dog Day was hard hitting in words and music.

Bring The World To It's Knees was Dan's first attempt to gain a foot hold in the UK market and I love it's big riff and chorus and from the singing close to me I wasn't the only one.

Still Wanna' Be Your Man saw the blues slowed down dropping to hear a pin before being brought back up again with Dan's technique world class before Backbite showed off his voice again to maximum effect.

My Chana is Dan's tour de force guitar work out but with a subtle change with first a bass solo before a drum and keyboard battle with Felix and Tom showing off their skill's to great delight of all present.Dan then took centre stage taking his guitar to an inch of it's life with sound's it should never make and leaving us all transfixed.

Sonnova Faith was a single encore and rounding off a great evening.

Dan and his band will be back in the UK in November with a re arranged date due to the recent snow and more dates with an announcement shortly.

Dan Patlansky's star continues to soar.

Photos credited with thanks to Laurence Harvey.

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