The Temperance Movement O2 Forum London 9-3-18

First up was Thomas Wynn And The Believers a 6 piece from Orlando Florida who played a 40 minute set of classic American soul,country,folk,soul,blues with a bit of Tom Petty and Skynyrd at times thrown in too.

Led by hatted lead vocalist and guitarist Thomas who is joined up front by his sister on vocals Olivia and there 2 voices mould together superbly.I preferred it as the band rocked out and the crowd reaction grew after every song and one to look out for.

The Temperance Movement go from strength to strength with new third album Deeper Cut hitting the UK top 6 in the album chart's.

For 90 minutes we had most of Deeper Cut with selected oldie's added and the band after a couple of weeks on the road were tight and here is what they played.

Caught In The Middle
The Way It Was And The Way It Is Now
Love And Devotion
Higher Than The Sun
Be Lucky
Ain't No Telling
Another Spiral
White Bear
Three Bulleits
Battle Lines
Know For Sure
Built In Forgetter
The Wonder's We've Seen
Only Friend
A Deeper Cut
Encores of Backwater Zoo
Midnight Black

My earlier review of Stone Broken's Bristol show made a comment about the familiarity of the new material and this show proved a point.With Deeper Cut being out for 3 week's and the band on the road for the same length of time the song's have bedded into our brain's and every song was greeted like a long lost friend.

Phil Campbell is a simply amazing front man and possesses one of Britain's finest voices too all rasp and tone and his stage movement is unlike anything you will ever see.He never stop's moving and it is dad dancing at it's finest crossed with a chimpanzee on a vitamin c rush.Arms above his head stomping around at time's it actually makes you laugh.
His voice is a perfect fit to the music and Caught In The Middle was a superb opener with the crowd already well up for a good night.

Love And Devotion saw Thomas and Olivia from the support act on backing vocal's to great effect and the crowd went mad for 2 oldies Be Lucky and Ain't No Telling with the first extended guitar work out from Paul Sayer who's tone and amazing playing style was a joy to see.Matt White on guitar takes a back seat but when thrust forward his playing fit's the style of music perfectly.The rhythm team of Nick Fyffe on bass and new drummer Simon Lea are the rock the band are built on.

3 song's mid set from second album White Bear with Battle Lines a stand out with first album cut Know For Sure raising the rafters next.

Only Friend was extended with Paul Sayer shining and the crowd word perfect on the chorus with the rhythm team's groove one to admire.

A Deeper Cut showed off Phil Campbell's superb vocal range and melodic toning's with the crowd responding to the set's last song and begging for more.

A song encore of newie Backwater Zoo with Phil again shining on vocal's and trying to sit still while playing keyboard's before Midnight Black finished an evening in fine style.

You wonder with so many older band's coming to the end of their career's who will take up their mantle when they are gone.

The Temperance Movement mean's music is in safe hand's.

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