Stone Broken The Fleece Bristol 7-3-18

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First up with the sold out Wednesday night crowd was The Bad Flowers who have just released their superb Starting Gun debut cd.

Plenty of the crowd had got the cd as the reaction they got was excellent.
Tom Leighton has a superb voice and his deep heavy guitar riffs mould with the deep bass rumble of Dale Tonks who we could barely see on the small stage but we certainly heard him.Karl Selickis on drums makes up the classic power trio who have a Black Sabbath heavy blues feel with vocals and choruses to die for and for a 3 piece the sound they make is huge.
30 minutes was never enough and left us wanting more as all support slot's should and here is what they played.

Who Need's A Soul?
Lions Blood
Be Your Man
Thunder Child
City Lights

Jared James Nichols again had a 30 minute set which after his set opener Last Chance took a left turn.
Joining him and his 2 band members was Bernie Marsden who had brought his 1959 Les Paul Standard known as The Beast that has been owned by Eric Clapton,Peter Green and Gary Moore too.We were treated to 3 songs with Jared and Bernie trading riffs and solo's with Bernie showing us that he can still show the young pup's a thing or two.
Closing their set with Mississippi Queen again left us wanting more.

The rise of Stone Broken has been on the back of superb debut cd All In Time and a hard work road ethic has been fantastic to see.With second cd Ain't Always Easy just released and sold out notices across the country there is no sign of this British juggernaut slowing down any time soon.

For about 70 minutes we were treated to the best bits from the debut with a healthy amount form the new cd.Here is what they played.

Heartbeat Away
Stay All Night
Just A Memory
I Believe
The Only Thing I Need
Doesn't Matter
Let Me Go
Let Me See It All
Be There
Worth Fighting For
Encores of Wait For You
Not Your Enemy

Led by the heavy riffing and wonderful vocals of Rich Moss he is a great front man with an easy charm and works well in conjunction with on lead guitar Chris Davis.The rhythm team of Kieron Conroy on bass and Robyn Haycock on drum's are rock solid and this is one for us to sell to America as the band's sound should go down a storm on their first US tour very shortly.

Yes they sound like Nickelback but that's not a bad thing and Just A Memory of the new cd is as heavy as anything I have heard in a long time with guitar's crunching and drum's pounding yet still with a melodic chorus built for the open road.

My only thought about the whole night was how it would have seen a bit more crowd reaction if we had known all of the song's just a little longer.With the set so heavily favoured with new song's with it's release only a couple of day's prior the response was a little muted.
Heartbeat Away was a great opener and set closer Worth Fighting For was too and they were song's we had already heard.

The encore was stunning.Rich with an acoustic and crowd joining together on Wait For You before fist's hit the air and head's nodded for Not Your Enemy and we saluted one of British rock's leading new lights.

Stone Broken are heading for the very top and you need to join in early and enjoy the ride.

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