Tremonti Shepherds Bush Empire 29-6-18

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Friday night in a sweltering hot London saw pretty much full house ready for The Fallen State a 5 piece band who I had heard nothing of before and that is my loss.

Their near 40 minute set had the following song's played
Hope In Revival
Lost Cause
Sons Of Avarice
Send Up The World
Burn It To The Ground
You Want It

Ben Steening on vocal's is a ball of energy with vocal's to match and he is ably backed up by Jon Price (guitar), Dan Oke (guitar), Greg Butler (bass) and Rich Walker (drums).

Hope In Revival with it's There Is No Revolution refrain had an audience response from the word go and by the end of their set they had many more fans awaiting the release of their debut cd in November.

Nova is an amazing song that band's this young shouldn't write so early into a career with it's heartfelt lyrics and stunning chorus and Price's guitar solo to match in the outro.

You Want It crackled with energy bringing a support set that showed such promise to an end on a high and us all awaiting the cd later in the year.

I will be honest and say Tremonti had passed me by.I was never Creed's biggest fan and only recently have I heard much Alter Bridge.So when I heard Take You With Me off the stunning new cd A Dying Machine I had to investigate further.

A couple of weeks later and the band played the following 90 minute set with no encores.

Another Heart
You Waste Your Time
My Last Mistake
Take You With Me
Betray Me
The Things I've Seen
As The Silence Becomes Me
So You're Afraid
Flying Monkeys
Bringer Of War
Throw Them To The Lions
A Dying Machine
Radical Change
Wish You Well

Mark Tremonti walks on and the place goes nuts and he is joined by Eric Friedman on guitar and backing vocals,Tanner Keegan on bass and Garrett Whitlock on drums who is as hard hitting as it get's.

Friedman excelled on backing vocals and it's so refreshing to see a guitar hero let his band mate take centre stage too which he did with aplomb.

Tremonti sound is incredibly heavy and huge kudo's to the sound man because it could have been a total mess but the drums cracked and the guitar's didn't obliterate anyone to the wall and Mark's vocal's were in a great place in the mix too.

Another Heart had the pit starting in fine style which continued for the rest of the set building to a huge wall of death in last song Wish You Well.

Traipse saw it's live debut and the previously mentioned Take You With Me was sang back at the band like a 30 year favourite with fist's and horn's thrown into the night sky.

As The Silence Becomes Me saw the sound man in full control as the song builds from small picked beginnings to it's heavy epic conclusion with nothing missed and Mark's guitar soloing always shining in it's melodic tone and styling.

Bringer Of War had head's banging before a 1-2 that will be up there with any year highlight's.Title track A Dying Machine was followed by Dust.2 classic song's that went together seamlessly.Garrett earnt his money on the former with it's stop start huge guitar riff crushing before the melodic leanings shone on Dust with Mark again showing us his guitar god status with a stunning solo.

Wish You Well brought the evening to an end with the crowd at fever pitch.

Mark promised to return in November which brought huge cheers to all.

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