Elles Bailey Releases Her Version of Delaney & Bonnie’s ‘Long Road Ahead’

 Elles Bailey is releasing a one-off, standalone single: her take on one of her favourite tracks: ‘Long Road Ahead’ by Sixties/Seventies duo Delaney & Bonnie.

“I’m a big Delaney and Bonnie fan,” says Elles enthusiastically, “and this song really resonates with me as I travel in this musical journey: `there’s a long road ahead, and a lot to leave behind`.
What’s funny is I couldn’t find the lyrics anywhere so for the second verse: I’ve just had to guess at them! 
I reckon this recording is wild, showing my band at their best. It’s a one-take track that’s edgy, slightly uncontrolled but has a real sense of excitement with it. I’m loving playing it live too!“
Delaney Bramlett wrote the song with Carl Radle. It was first recorded by Jim Forde in 1969. Delaney & Bonnie And Friends released their version in 1971.
Elles’ take on the track is both true to the original, but brings her trademark vocals into the mix, along with the energy of her band, who are having a blast playing it, and her reconstructed interpretation of the second verse.

Check it out. Available now on all digital platforms

Elles will also be touring on the following dates, appearing at these venues.
25th August – Greenbelt Fest, Kettering, UK
26th August – Shrewsbury Folk Fest, UK
27th August – Great British R&B Fest, Colne, UK
31st August – Berrybank Blues, Stow-on-the-Wold, UK
2 – Mon Baby Blues, France 
19-23 – AmericanaFest Nashville, TN, USA
25 BERLIN Quasimodo
26 HAMBURG Nochtspeicher
27 – ASCHAFFENBURG Colos – Saal
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