Melodic hard rock band "ATLAS release new single "You're Not Alone" from upcoming album "Built To Last"



British progressive melodic rock AOR band ATLAS are pleased to announce the release of their second single You’re Not Alone taken from their highly anticipated third studio album Built To Last. The new single is released Friday 11 August and is available from Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer HERE.

Watch the official music video for You’re Not Alone on YouTube HERE.

The new album, released by Metalapolis Records on Friday 20th October, is available to pre-order HERE

“You’re Not Alone is one of the first songs written for the album,” says James Thorley, the founding member and keyboard player of ATLAS. “It’s about coming out of lockdown and overcoming difficulties, depression, and the general unknown that most of us felt during that time. It’s got a radio friendly approach, but we didn’t hold back with the big anthemic chorus.”

“ATLAS has developed their sound by introducing both metal and more progressive ideas.
This makes it clear that they stand out and feel both classic and modern at the same time,
which I think is absolutely right in 2023.” –

“With their roots in ’80s AOR, prog and melodic rock, ATLAS push their expressive
modern hard rock and metal credentials to the fore.” 
 Metal Talk

“If you like your prog-rock packed with serious purpose, here it is!” – Raw Ramp

“Top class arrangements and fist to air inducing rhythms. What’s not to like?” – Metal Planet Music

ATLAS is comprised of five musicians, Craig Wells (lead vocals), James Thorley (keyboards), Howie Little (lead guitars), Chris Redfearn (bass guitar) and Ryan Briggs (drums).

Keyboard player James Thorley founded the band in 2017 with the intention to create signature music that focused its roots around the 80s AOR, Prog, and melodic rock genre, whilst delving into other areas of modern hard rock, and metal.

ATLAS (l-r): Ryan Briggs (drums), Howie Little (guitar), Craig Wells (vocals), Chris Redfearn (bass), James Thorley (keyboards)
Photo Credit: © Mark Ellis

To date, ATLAS have released two studio albums through the European label AOR Heaven. Their second album, Parallel Love, charted in Japan at #36 and debuted in the Top 10 Amazon Classic Rock Albums Chart on week of release. They have toured the UK sharing the stage with The Quireboys, Eric Martin (Mr Big), FM, Vega, Big Country, and Praying Mantis.

Distributed by SPV, Built To Last is a continued evolution of the band s unique Progressive AOR sound that builds on themes of survival, hope and overcoming hardships.  It is the result of several years of refined songcraft, featuring polished arrangements, shredding guitar hooks, massive choruses, and soaring vocals.


EAN Code: 4056813553161 Cat Number: MPR0155

1. All Or Nothing (4:09)
2. You re Not Alone (4:24)
3. One More Night (4:15)
4. Another Heartbreak (4:09)
5. Tears (5:31)
6. Unfamiliar Love (4:25)
7. Just Like That (4:19)
8. Chasing Portraits I: Lonely Hearts (6:53)
9. Chasing Portraits II: Closer To The Picture (3:13)
10. Chasing Portraits III: Painted Memories (5:38)
11. Bury A Lie (4:47)
12. Best Is Yet To Come (5:38


All music recorded by ATLAS
Recorded at InMotion Studios
James Thorley – 
Producer, Engineer, Mixer
Thomas Johansson – Mastering


Craig Wells – Vocals
Howie Little – Guitar
James Thorley – Keys
Chris Redfearn – Bass
Ryan Briggs – Drums

Photo Credit: © Sam Fenton


All Or Nothing
All or Nothing was written with an album opener” in mind. We wanted to write a track that had a lot of energy, heavy but still having melodic elements, and with a huge hooky chorus. We wanted to represent elements of the whole album in one song, which was a challenge, but we always love to rise to a challenge!

You’re Not Alone
This was one of the first songs written for the album. It s about coming out of lockdown and overcoming difficulties, depression, and the general unknown that most of us felt during that time. It s got a radio friendly approach, but we didn t hold back with the big anthemic chorus.

One More Night
This song is built around a real proggy syncopated guitar riff with a classic AOR theme for the lyrics and chorus.

Another Heartbreak
High energy” was a feeling we wanted to tap into with this album, and this track certainly has that! It s about not being able to shake the memory of a previous love no matter how hard you might try, backed up with stacks of harmonies!

Tears is dynamic, bombastic, melodic, and powerful. It s about always being there for someone no matter what, even when you know they don t feel the same way anymore.

Unfamiliar Love
A very Def Leppard inspired riff and chorus helped build the foundation to this song. Who says you can t have a drum, keyboard, and guitar solo trade off?

Just Like That
We wore our love for 80s AOR on our sleeves for this song. Huge catchy guitar/synth hook interplayed with a staccato chorus stacked full of harmonies, with an air guitar instrumental to top it all off!

Chasing Portraits I: Lonely Hearts
We have flirted with progressive rock on our previous two albums, but for this album we set out from the beginning to write a longer progressive piece, that could be split into three sections. Lonely Hearts starts with the devastation of loss and confrontation of loneliness, finishing off with a Kansas inspired guitar/Hammond trade off.

Chasing Portraits II: Closer to the Picture
Closer to the Picture deals with recovery and reflection and is one of the rarer synth driven tracks on the album.

Chasing Portraits III: Painted Memories
An epic finale to that Suite. The song itself is about the memories of past relationships being somewhat clouded by the negatives that caused that bond to end. We basically create our own narrative of our past and move on with our lives, sometimes forgetting the good that may have come from our experiences.

Bury A Lie
The heaviest track we ve written to date.  The song was built around a 7-string guitar riff and features an awesome proggy instrumental section.

Best is Yet to Come
We wanted to end the album with a banger rather than an epic or a ballad! So, we saved the best until last – a Journey inspired melodic rock anthem with a huge sing-along ending.

Photo Credit: © Sam Fenton

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