Black Stone Cherry - Leeds Academy 16th October 2009

What a great value night this was, £15, no booking fee and free parking.
I caught most of the set from openers The Parlour Mob and I was glad I did to, very enjoyable well worth checking out in the future.
Next up were Duff McKagan’s Loaded. It was nice to see the ex GnR man fronting his own band, He started out on guitar and vocal swapping to bass and vocals nearer the end of the set. Most of the set came from the Sick CD with a closing song of So Easy from the GnR days. The only question I was left with was, was that Joey from Friends on lead guitar?

I think the contributors to these pages are united in the praise of Black Stone Cherry so It will be no surprise to say I enjoyed this set which included a few new songs and some from the bonus second CD issued with the special edition of Folklore & Superstition. Highlight of the evening was the crowd singing Things My Father Said, Low point the period after the drum solo when the show seemed to lack a bit of momentum. Funniest bit was Ben Wells saying how nice it was to be in Leeds, and the crowd responding with chants of Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire. The confused look on the bands face was priceless.

With a great band like BSC about I think the future of Rock n Roll is secure.
We had donuts as well (see review below) NH

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