Dream Theater - Wembley Arena - 10th October 2009

We drove up to our Hyde Park hotel Saturday lunchtime.Quick walk across the park to check out everything for the next morning's run and then a tube journey up to Wembley for The Progressive Nation tour 2009.
Arrived at 6.30 to see band 1  - Unexpect leaving the stage.Looking at a timetable later it was different to the one I had been sent!!Oh well. Next up Bigelf. The lead singer stood centre stage with 2 keyboards/organs to either side of him. They play an early Black Sabbath groove although a little quicker!! Geetarist very good. Mike Portnoy(Dream Theater's drummer) came on and played on one song.30 minute set and they went down very well and one to look out for.
Next up was Opeth.I was quite looking forward to seeing them but was very disappointed. At times I felt each band member was playing a different song. Slower songs had no real groove to it and some of the faster songs the drums disappeared. One hour later and the crowd loved them I just didn't get it!!
So next to the mighty Dream Theater. In support of the colossal Black Clouds and Silver Linings opus we were treated to a one and a half hour show with 3 songs from the new cd.With a new light show and 3 back screens it gave a depth to the stage. Starting with A Nightmare To Remember (Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth guesting on MP's spot on the cd) of the new cd the rest of the setlist was
The Mirror
Keyboard solo
Prophets Of War
Dance Of Eternity
Percussive nation which was a drum solo with all 4 drummers of the night on Portnoys kit
Take The Time
and an encore of The Count Of Tuscany.
Yes only 8 songs but they are all at least 6 mins long and the encore one is 20 mins.Only Dream Theater could play a set like that. 2 songs off Awake and a never played live song off the last cd were all greeted like top 10 hits. Highlights had to be the stunning playing of all guys as always, the geetar solo during Take The Time was simply jaw dropping and the encore song is a classic in the making. Great sound and lighting with great use of the screens.
I could have done without the 4 drummer solo and I have to say I do miss the 3 hours shows as when you buy a ticket you buy it to see them and not loads off support acts!! It might just be me.So a point lost for that!!!
ME 9/10

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