Magnum - Holmfirth Picturedrome - 30th October 2009

Back to my favorite venue in West Yorkshire, the Picturedrome, Holmfirth, small enough to be intimate and large enough to create a great atmosphere. Support tonight came from Decadenze, I have to say I know nothing about them. They put on a good performance and could be worth looking out for in the future.

The Magnum set opened with Cry to Yourself, which was the first of many songs from the new Into the Valley of the Moon King CD. I think it shows the quality of the songs from this CD that they slipped so easily into the set list. From the new CD they played All My Bridges, Take Me to the Edge, No One Knows His Name, The Moon King, Face in the Crowd & All My Bridges. Early in the set these were mixed with songs from the newer sudio CDs Brand New Morning, When We Were Younger, Dragons are Real and We All Run before launching into some classics like, Les Morts Dansant, All England’s Eyes, and Vigilante. For encores we had Don’t Wake the Lion (which was brilliant) and Kingdom of Madness.

The sound was brilliant throughout and Mr Catley was in fine form all evening. All in all a great night out.

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