The Cult – Leeds 02 Academy - 6th October 2009

Let’s get the support band over first – Aqua Nebula Oscillator- easily the worst band I’ve seen in 28 years of gigging. Just a wall of noise, if they were performing in my front garden I wouldn’t open my curtains to watch.

Now onto the main attraction, I’ve had mixed experiences of seeing The Cult before so I was a little nervous as to what to expect. I am glad to say that I was not let down tonight. As most of you will know tonight was an opportunity to listen to the Love album in full live. From the open moments of Nirvana it was obvious we were in for a good night. The band then worked their way through the Love album tracks. If you don’t know it I would recommend you treat yourself to a listen to this great collection of songs. Obvious favorites of the night where Rain, completed with umbrellas in the crowd as a result of the dreadful weather in Leeds that night, and She Sells Sanctuary. Many others stood out in the live setting as well, one of my favouties being Hollow Man. All of the songs were embellished by the constantly changing images behind the band. This was particularly effective during the last song of the Love set, Black Angel.

After a short break the band returned to do an encore of 6 or so hits starting with Electric Ocean and including Fire Woman, Sun King, Dirty Little Rock Star. The evening was brought to an end with a thunderous version Love Removal Machine. As Ian Asbury said “C.U.L.T. where the hits just keep on coming.”


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