Vanden Plas Fused Festival - 01 April 2011

I never thought what with all their theatre work in Germany I would ever say that I would see Vanden Plas.
I've been a big fan for 15 years and their mix of heavy and light music always does it for me.
So a trip to the first Fused Festival run by the Classic Rock Society in deepest Gloucestershire on the banks of the Severn to Lydney had to be done.
The venue was the Town Hall and as it sounds with the latest minutes for the council meeting available to read!!
It held about 250 people but had superb acoustics and the maybe 200 there had an absolute ball.
First up were County Durham's Winter In Eden in support of last years "Awakening"cd led by the superb vox of Vicky Johnson. Symphonic rock of the finest order.
Most of the "Awakening" cd was played with special mention for "Fate Will Oblige","Stolen Fairytale","Ruled By Fear" and "Oblivion".2 new tracks were also played "Trapped"and "Suffer In Silence" all showcasing the musical dexterity the band have in fact drummer Wayne Mcaloon was incredible.
Sam Cull on geetar riffs like crazy and solos fantastically when required and in fact could be used more.
The hour set flew past and was rapturously received by the crowd and one to look out for.

Vanden Plas were simply incredible.

2 hours of sheer heaven with the crowd going simply mad.

The setlist was as follows(with a copy in my grubby paws and geetar pick handed to me by geetar player Stephan Lill)

I Can See
Into The Sun
Holes In The Sky
Iodic Rain
Rush Of Silence
Far Off Grace
How Many Tears(not Quicksilver as stated due to bass drum problems.Acoustic version with drums added to end as all mended!)
Cold Wind
Soul Survives
Scar of an Angel
Postcard To God
Encores of Christ O and

Where to start.
The incredible musicianship. The interaction of geetar/keys,keys/drums,drum/bass,geetar,drums all just fantastic.
Andy Kuntz on vox's crowd interaction and getting lost in the music as well as his fantastic vocals.
The backline of Gunter Werno on keys,Torsten Reichert on bass and Andreas Lill on drums gave Stephan Lill on geetar to riff and solo where needed. A true pleasure to be stood so close to such a player.
The light and shade of the music all helped by the the superb sound.
Even the bass drums problem gave us an acoustic interlude giving Andy a chance to shine before the band came back in.
I could go on and on.
Congrats to the organisers for being able to bring Vanden Plas over and a shame I couldn't get to see Threshold on the Saturday.
More please.

Life at times at the moment is pretty crap with the ongoing health issues but for 2 hours I could forget although I paid for it over the next 2 days feeling pretty crap but it was worth it it was so worth it.

Accept 2 weeks previous were incredible and I scored it 12/10.
Tonite's score would be off the scale.
Thank god for music!!

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