Philip Sayce - Free Downloads!

One of Rockgig's favourite people, Philip Sayce got in touch earlier in the week. (yeah we're shameless name droppers, get used to it)

He's finally releasing all of his music worldwide. In December 2012,his first release went top 10 at iTunes Blues in the US, and he is now releasing 'Ruby Electric' on Feb 19th - which will also be featured on the iTunes US rock page.

Philip also said "I want to share a widget for a free song download, with the hopes that you can post it on your site and share it with your community. It's an unreleased, live recording of my song 'Alchemy', and a way to say thank you to my very supportive UK & European friends, as well as my international fans."

...and here it is: Recorded in Europe, this late night and emotional rendition features Joel Gottschalk on bass and Fritz Lewak on drums.  (if you do not have the right plug-in to play this, or the widget does not appear .. you can download the track directly from Philip's site by clicking here)

We also have a previously unavailable original recording of  Philip's song 'Take You Away' available as a free download below, or again if you do not have the correct plug in or the widget does not appear below then you can get the track directly from here)

Neither of these downloads are available for purchase in The UK/EU.

Philip is now planning the worldwide release of his latest album, 'Steamroller' - scheduled for distribution in June 2013.

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