Avantasia - Mystery of a Blood Red Rose (Official lyric video)

EDGUY frontman Tobias Sammet's AVANTASIA project will release a new digital single, "Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose", on December 11. The song is taken from AVANTASIA's seventh studio album, "Ghostlights", which will be released on January 29, 2016 via Nuclear Blast. The twelve-song CD was produced by Tobias and Sascha Paeth at Gatestudio in Wolfsburg, Germany. Paeth engineered and mixed "Ghostlights", while the mastering was done by Michael Rodenberg.
The lyric video for "Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose" can be seen below.
Comments Tobias: "In my humble opinion, ['Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose'] is the perfect overture to the seventy-minute journey which the full album is going to be.
"Although 'Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose' is a rather short composition compared to most other AVANTASIA songs, I wanted to embellish and amplify it with flamboyance and all AVANTASIA trademarks. I wanted to make it a detailed piece of fantasy art, but at the same time it was a big challenge to make that painting look inherently consistant if you view it from the distance. The layered choirs took us forever to record and yet nothing distracts from the main theme and flow of the song. Every time you give it a listen, you will discover something else going on.
"I have a feeling that I have never managed to create such an epic and dreamy atmosphere in just four minutes. I've gotta admit I am slightly proud of it!"
"Ghostlights" features guest appearances by:
Marco Hietala (NIGHTWISH)
Michael Kiske (HELLOWEEN)
Ronnie Atkins (PRETTY MAIDS)
Bob Catley (MAGNUM)
Bruce Kulick (KISS)
Robert Mason (WARRANT)
Oliver Hartmann
Sascha Paeth
The instrumentalists on "Ghostlights" are as follows:
Sascha Paeth - rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, additional keys
Michael Rodenberg - orchestration, keys
Tobias Sammet - additional keys and bass
Bruce Kulick - lead guitar
Oliver Hartmann - lead guitar
Felix Bohnke - drums
01. Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose
Lead vocals: Tobias
Lead guitar: Sascha Paeth
02. Let The Storm Descend Upon You
Lead vocals: Tobias, Jorn Lande, Ronnie Atkins, Robert Mason
Lead guitar: Oliver Hartmann
03. The Haunting
Lead vocals: Dee Snider, Tobias
Lead guitar: Sascha Paeth
04. Seduction Of Decay
Lead vocals: Geoff Tate, Tobias
Lead guitar: Sascha Paeth
05. Ghostlights
Lead vocals: Michael Kiske, Tobias, Jorn Lande
Lead guitar: Sascha Paeth, Oliver Hartmann
06. Draconian Love
Lead vocals: Herbie Langhans, Tobias
Lead guitar: Sascha Paeth
07. Master Of The Pendulum
Lead vocals: Marco Hietala, Tobias
Lead guitar: Sascha Paeth
08. Isle Of Evermore
Lead vocals: Sharon Den Adel, Tobias
09. Babylon Vampyres
Lead vocals: Tobias, Robert Mason
Lead guitar: Bruce Kulick, Oliver Hartmann, Sascha Paeth
10. Lucifer
Lead vocals: Jorn Lande, Tobias
Lead guitar: Bruce Kulick
11. Unchain The Light
Lead vocals: Tobias, Ronnie Atkins, Michael Kiske
Lead guitar: Sascha Paeth, Oliver Hartmann
12. A Restless Heart And Obsidian Skies
Lead vocals: Bob Catley, Tobias
Lead guitar: Bruce Kulick

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